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All is fair on International Games Day


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Noah PenaNov. 21 is the day for quite a few holidays … World Hello Day, World Television Day and International Games Day. Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s own Mary and Jeff Bell Library put on an event to celebrate the latter.

International Games Day (IGD) was first celebrated in 2012. It is celebrated on the third Saturday of Nov. every year. The holiday is specifically celebrated at participating libraries to encourage attendees to relax and enjoy some games, whether they be video games, like Mortal Kombat, board games, such as Sorry, or card games like Yu-Gi-Oh. Any and all games are welcome and celebrated.

IGD has grown so much in popularity in recent years that it even has its own hashtag on Twitter. The hashtag #IGD15 is used by people all over the world to show how they are celebrating games on this holiday.

As far as the Islander take on ICD the library’s staff encouraged students to come to the library to play any of the 50+ video, board and card games available at the library. The video games and consoles were provided by Breakers, which operates out of the UC, to allow students a chance to relax and enjoy themselves throughout the course of each semester with fun and games.

Attendees had no shortage of game choices available to them. There were games for Xbox 360, Xbox One and Nintendo Wii. Game genres included traditional platforms such as “New Super Mario Bros”, multiplayer shooters like “Halo” and “Call of Duty”, sports games including “NBA 2K16” and “Madden 16”, as well as every genre in between.

If players wanted to play something else the library had them covered as well. Board games such as checkers and “Clue” were available to students. There was even a giant chess board for those interested in big time strategy. Students could also try their hands at different card games from the traditional playing cards, to “Yu-Gi-Oh” and “Magic: The Gathering”. There were games for every kind of player.

“It’s a nice way to spend a Saturday, compared to doing homework, I mean,” said freshman nursing major Drewan Dore.

In addition to playing games event goers had the opportunity to receive free gift bags if they got to the library first. Only five lucky students got these special bags but anyone could have a complimentary tote bag courtesy of the library.

School programs related to games also made an appearance. The Innovation in Computing Research, or ICORE, group for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi had a booth set up as well as volunteers answering questions about computer science and participating in International Games Day. The booth also showcased student made games and programs.

One such student volunteer senior computer science major Jessica Lynch, described her volunteer experience.

“We were asked to volunteer and since everyone in ICORE is already always on campus, it’s like one big family, so we didn’t mind coming at all,” she said.

A connection with games of any kind can start at an early age and last a lifetime. For example Gerudo Nunez, who spent a good deal of his time for IGD playing Yu-Gi-Oh, has been collecting cards for the game since he was 8 years old.

Whether new or nostalgic games, anyone of any age can find something enjoyable during International Game Day. When it comes to IGD anything is fair game.


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