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How to stay fit, even after holiday feast


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It is pretty easy to stay fit as a college student. Even if one is not an athlete there are plenty of ways to be healthy and active on campus.

There is the rec center that is free to all Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi students, the dining hall that offers a wide variety for healthy choices, and there is even a decent walk between classes to add some extra activity to ones day. If students take advantage of these, they know how great they are. The question is, what are you going to do when you go home for holiday break?

Students will not have the rec center or healthy meals at your fingertips. You do not want all that hard work you have done over this semester to go to waste after your massive Thanksgiving dinner and strolls to the pantry driven by pure boredom. Its important to stay healthy and active throughout the holidays. Here are a few ideas on how to work off the feast.

1. Go outside! It is easy to want to stay cuddled up on the couch with Netflix for hours at a time and nothing is wrong with that. I mean after all it is winter break. But an easy way to break this habit and add a little activity to your day is to set aside one hour each day to go outside.

One hour may seem like a lot now but remember you will not have any homework so that hour that would usually be crucial for studying is now open. Plus, you might already spend an hour at the rec each day so make time for that hour at home.

Go for walk, go hiking, go look at Christmas lights, and even play a game with the family. Just make sure to bring a jacket!

2. Break up with snacking. Yes a banana or bowl of nuts in between meals is not bad but five trips to the pantry for those brownies your grandma made, not such a good idea. Usually this happens when your bored and your mind tricks you into thinking your hungry. So stay preoccupied and choose healthy snacks when needed.

3. Get your friends involved. You are probably so excited to reunite with your friends from your home town so why not let them know of your plans? Odds are they will want to join you in staying fit over the holidays and will support you. As part of that hour of outside time you and your friends can go do something active. Such as ice skating, hiking, playing sports, taking a walk downtown, etc. Or even ask to tag along with a friend to the gym that they have a membership with. Most gyms allow you to bring a friend for a small fee. So after you all binge watch a season of Friends on Netflix go do something fun outside. You will be surprised how much fun your friends will have.

4. Get your family in on it. Now that your friends are doing it why not add your family too? Your parents will love to eat healthier with you and mom can start cooking smarter meals for the family. And your siblings most likely missed you a lot while you were away at college, asking them to join you and play outside would make them really happy.

Those are a few tips to stay healthy and active over winter break. With these steps you can enjoy your Thanksgiving feast without feeling guilty. Happy Holidays


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