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New dance minor opens possibilities for students


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As Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi continues to grow, classes of all kinds are being added to the curriculum. The university may be adding a new dance minor to the Liberal Arts program, opening up even more opportunities for students to pursue their interests.

“The minor was proposed to the curriculum committee for the option to be included in the 2017 catalog,” said Jennifer Arnold, academic advisor for Music, Theater and Arts. “If approved, it could begin then.”

Theater major Ty Aldridge plans to pursue a minor in dance.

“The dance and theater program both go hand in hand with many students being involved in both,” Aldridge said. “So I do feel that this opens even more opportunities for theater and all students in general.”

While the dance minor is part of the Liberal Arts program, anyone can pursue this minor.

“We encourage students from across all disciplines to consider adding the dance minor to their degree plan,” dance instructor Jilissa Cotten said.

According to Cotten, the minor in dance program will be “comprised of technique courses in ballet, modern and jazz with opportunities to perform in each course as well as perform in the dance performance course.”

In addition to the courses available to students now, the dance minor available in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 will include two additional upper division courses and one additional technique course.

Classes being offered in Spring 2018 include dance history, world dance & culture, and choreography and dance instruction. These courses will “enable the student to pursue multiple career opportunities in the arts and the field of dance,” Cotten said.

In the meantime, while the dance minor will not be available until Fall 2017 there are still options for students interested in pursuing dance.

“As of now, students who wish to pursue dance simply declare the Dance Certificate which is 15 hours and is a part of the current catalogs,” Arnold said.

Students graduating after Fall 2017 have the chance to start working toward the minor that consists of 21 hours of dance classes.

“All the dance courses currently offered can be used towards earning the minor,” Cotten said. “We will continue to offer the dance certificate after the dance minor becomes available giving students two opportunities to earn credits in dance.”



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