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Six ways to keep minds sharp during the break


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Your mind is a muscle that in need of constant exercise. With the break coming about it could be easy to forget to flex this muscle and keep yourself learning new things. Here are a few tips on how to keep your mind bright during the break.

1. Read books

Whether it is novels or informative books you can always learn from reading. Make a list of all the books that you want to read during the break and buy them directly after finals. Then set a goal to read a book a week or maybe every other week. One great thing to do is choose to buy books on topics that interest you or books that you have always wanted to read but never had a chance to. Get reading.

2. Travel to another country 

Traveling is a hands-on learning experience. You learn about other places and other cultures. You also learn about different people and ultimately learn more about yourself. You do not necessarily have to venture to Europe this break and you can very well save some cash and visit Toronto in Jan. before the semester starts. The point is to get you out there and learn (as well as experience) something new.

3.Watch documentaries 

During the break chances are you are going to be visiting Netflix at one point or the other if not everyday. Instead of binge watching reruns of Gossip Girl watch a documentary about the way our brains process music or about the lost cities hidden in Europe’s underground.  In all of 45 minutes you can learn a lot about a new topic.

4. Have a conversation 

It has been said that everyone knows something you do not. Go visit your grandmother and learn about her experience in the Second World War. Ask you mother what she thinks of existentialism. You could even call up a new friend and invite them to dinner just to talk. Be curious about what others understand and share and ask questions. One great idea to initiate new conversations is to make it a goal to get a classmate’s phone number before the end of the semester so start talking. You interact with people every day so you do not even have to go far to do this.

5. Journal 

Letters are symbols that form sounds in our brains to create words that assert meaning. Writing and reading require in depth brain activity and when you journal you learn about your perception of the world. Also it is easy to make a small goal for yourself to write a little about your day every night or every week and you could even start a blog and share your thoughts with the world. Also ane of the greatest benefits of journaling is that it does not cost much.

6. Join a group 

Whether it be a school, a church, or just a group in your community, joining a group is an easy way to keep your mind bright during the break. It encompasses many of the points already made. Many social groups rely around the idea of getting out together, which is considered traveling. Further joining a group gives you something to journal about. Whatever the subject, you are sure to learn if you join a group in your community and this will help you keep your mind bright the entire break.


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