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Students show off research in symposium


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From Nov. 19 to 20 in the Anchor Ballroom Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi was home to the First Year Symposium for students to show off their research that they have been working on for months.

Sameer Alotaibi, freshman general business major, said he chose his topic, organic food, from own personal connection.


“I chose this topic because I know some people that have some problems with non-organic foods, so I choose this topic to help people understand organic food is a better choice for living,” Alotaibi said.

This event showcased many students and their many weeks of research all varying in topics. The topics ranged from talking about organic foods to communication in nursing. There were also some history-related topics such as the Stamp Act and slavery, as well as some about different communities and social issues.

Vera Melendz, sophomore nursing major, said she liked to inform people of what her topic was all about when they came up and ask her questions.

“I thought it was chill, I’d rather be doing something else, but a grade is for a grade you know. They come up to me and they ask me questions and I answer back to inform them of what my project is about,” Melendz said.

Some of the people presenting at the symposium were in groups and answering questions together. While others were by themselves talking about their topic.

Students, professors and others came out to see the information the students had to showcase. The students presenting were like the experts or the professors of the topic that they choose to cover. This was an educational event that is supposed to be helpful to not only the students that were coming but also to the students who were able to speak.

As the event went on the students came by with their posters and dressed up to present what they had worked on. When students would finish their time slot another student would take their place. When that first student was done they would walk around and talk to the other presenters or their friends that were there doing the same thing.

Some of the students had to walk around when they were done and go to two different people in order to hear about their topic and write down what they learned to hand in later.

Almanie Malinado, freshman psychology major, said at first she did not see the point in going through all of this.

“At first I thought it was a waste of time but at this point I actually like it because it gives people the chance to learn what you learn, and learn what you now know. You kind of feel like a professor for like 30 minutes,” Malinado said.

This event is usually held every year during this time. Both days have different topics and different presenters. This is a chance for students to get out of their comfort zone and get the chance to show off all the information they have gathered and what they have worked.

The First Year Symposium is a chance for students and professors to see what all their hard work went toward.


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