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University brightens holidays with lights

photos by GERI LEMMONS
photos by GERI LEMMONS

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On Nov. 20 Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi hosted a event called the Islander Lights.

This event lasted from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., ending with the lighting of the lights around campus.

Chris Hinojosa, junior political science major, said it was a good turn out and a lot of people showed up. He said he could tell people were enjoying themselves.

“The event was a hit, lots of kids lots of families, lots of recognition for groups like ICA,” Hinojosa said. “I think a lot of people enjoyed themselves and I had a good time myself.”

This event was held on the inside of the UC in the Anchor Ballroom because of the rain. All of the activities were taken inside so the rain would not interrupt the event, which was originally supposed to be outside in the center of obstruction courtyard.

At this event there were several holiday-related activities that all ages could participate in, from painting to building ginger bread houses. Students and family participated in activities that were all around the room.

Joselyn Toc, freshman nursing major, said she thought the event was really fun and she enjoyed it.

photos by GERI LEMMONS
photos by GERI LEMMONS

“There was a bunch of cool stuff and a lot to do at this event,” Toc said.

Many different organizations and clubs had their own table with their own activities for attendees  to do. They included making ornaments and learning about how different people with different cultures and backgrounds celebrate the holidays.

Participants were asked to bring an unwrapped toy for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots drive. With the help of the other people that attended the event the toy drive raised money and many toys were donated.

All of the different organizations had activities for all ages.  Some had coloring while others had take home type of crafts that could be used to decorate the house. Some of the organizations had things like ring toss and taking pictures with the different characters that were in attendance.

People who came had the opportunity to take pictures with Santa sitting on the stage during the event. Students, children, families and couples all took pictures with the Santa. There was also an inflatable bouncy house.

The event had lots of food for attendees, such as tamales, doughnuts, chips and salsa. There was also hot chocolate and hot apple cider. All of the food that was at the event gave perspective as to the different foods that other cultures eat.

After all of that was done the lights were turned on by the switch right by the tree. The switch turned on not only the lights on the tree but also the lights along the courtyard and on the tops of most of the buildings.

This was a time when many students took the opportunity to take pictures of the blue and green lights and candy canes that were all around the school.

Afterwards students and their families had the opportunity to stay and watch the movie “Elf” in the UC to finish off the night and participate in the drawing that took place.

photos by GERI LEMMONS
photos by GERI LEMMONS


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