Five methods to alleviate graduation anxiety



Dealing with anxiety is never a fun experience. Add in a full class load, working two jobs, trying to find a job right out of college and it just equals a big mess. If you have never experienced a full-blown anxiety attack, chances are there have been a few occasions when you have something coming up that makes your hands sweaty or breathing labored.


But if you have had anxiety attacks, the moments leading up to them are scary. Here are five ways to help relieve some of your anxiety.


1. Get out and get moving
One of the biggest releases for me is being able to go for a quick jog or walk with my roommate. It gets you out of the house and into the fresh air, which is a big help on your brain. If you do not like going out and exercising, another tip is to put on some of your favorite music and dance around your house. Exude some of the nervous energy by dancing like no one’s watching.


2. Take a warm shower
Being in the shower is also a good tool to help relieve anxiety. Especially if you have some lavender shampoo or body wash or even a candle you can light. Picture the warm water cleansing you. Or if that does not work-try a sauna. Sometimes sweating out impurities is a huge help.


3. Chug some H2O
There are many benefits to water, one being that you do not get dehydrated which can lead to people being shaky and anxious.


4. Clean
I know, I know. Why would I want to clean if I was feeling anxious and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and cry? Because cleaning is a way to get rid of clutter, both mentally and physically. Being able to clean your room and even rearrange it in a different way gives you a new outlook.


5. Talk to someone
This might seem scary, especially in the world we live in where mental illnesses are sort of a taboo subject, but one of the best things in the world is knowing you are not facing this alone. I have a couple of friends who are amazing when I need to be reminded that I am loved or I am not alone in this battle. Talking is sometimes hard when it comes to talking about our weaknesses but it is also one of the best ways to feel better.


None of these are sure fire ways to relieve anxiety, you have to learn what works best for you, but these can give you a starting point if anything. Remember, it is okay to talk to a professional if you feel like none of these are working


Everyone is different so to find what truly works for you, experiment. Try things you know you enjoy, as well as new things to manage your stress and anxiety Try and get out there, take care of yourself, drink plenty of water, maybe clean a little and, if need be, talk to someone. Hopefully this helps keep the anxiety to a minimum and the enjoyment of graduation to a maximum.



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