Major change helps senior discover his true career path



Coming from New York City after an audition for Juilliard and changing majors gave Richard Schreiber an opportunity to discover other more about himself.

Schreiber came to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi as a theater major, which soon changed to business management.

“As a theater major I realized after a while that it was a little bit more of a hobby and passion than a career path,” Schreiber said.

Schreiber said he did some soul searching in order to find what else he could be good at. He realized he was good at things like public speaking, directing and writing; he felt like his skills pulled him toward more of a business route.

“I had had some experience in small business and I had some experience working in many different sectors,” Schreiber said. “I took general business first to take some classes then found out management was the way I wanted to go.”

Benjamin Blanco, management and marketing professor, said Schreiber is always looking to do better. Blanco said he is always one who thinks about the next couple of steps to take after he graduates. This forward thinking has helped him get to where he is today.

“He is not just thinking about graduating he is thinking about ‘what I’m going to do after graduation,’” Blanco said. “He is thinking about, ‘what are my options, what are my opportunities?’”

Schreiber said he plans to go for his MBA. Right now he is working on the campaign for Nelda Martinez. He said he has also been interesting in hospital administration and utilizing the connections he has made over the past five years and looking for an opening in some lower level management positions.

The Island University’s MBA program was recently ranked among the top 25 in the nation for its online MBA programs. Schreiber is already in one the best places to pursue his business education.

“He is always inquiring about what he can do and how he can apply his talents into those fields, and that, I like a lot about him,” Blanco said.

Schreiber has been involved on campus during his time here. He has  Recreational Sports in many different positions for the past five years. He is involved in a variety of clubs including: Delta Sigma Pi as the public relations chair, president of the Islanders fencing league, Islander Swim club  treasure, and he is also a member of CEO and Student Government Association.

“There has been a lot that I have been interested in for the past few years,” Schreiber said. “I am a huge advocate for Islanders so I try to get into as many things as possible.”

According to Schreiber when he graduates from the undergraduate program he is going to miss the ignorance he had at the very beginning of his college career. He said undergrad studies is a time to learn about the world and the work starts really when one graduates.

“The reason why I say ignorance is because now I am not very ignorant about the world and I understand how hard it is to live on your own, get a job and climb the ladder,” Schreiber said.

As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss. The real world comes quickly after graduation, but Screiber seems up to the task. He’s been trying to think a few steps ahead his whole collegiate career and hopefully that continues into the professional world.


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