Nursing looks forward to ICU, helping others



Senior nursing major, Brent Sherman, is nearing the culmination of his hard work and that much closer to his dream of helping others.


Prior to arriving at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Sherman completed his prerequisite courses while attending community college in his hometown, Dallas. Based on his interest in taking care of others, nursing seemed like a hand in glove fit for Sherman.


“I just like caring for and helping people,” said Sherman.
Sometime down the road, the Dallas native would like the opportunity to form more personal relationships with his patients.


“Eventually, I’d like to work in the ICU [intensive care unit], but generally they want us to start off on the medical surgical floor,” Sherman said. “With medical surgical, there’s not a lot of time to spend with patients, whereas with ICU, you only have two patients, so there’s more of that one on one with your patient that I enjoy.”


Coming from Dallas to Corpus took some getting used to for Sherman, but he made the adjustments to continue his studies. That isn’t to say he hasn’t found things to enjoy about the city. When he isn’t studying, Sherman keeps himself entertained.


“I like going to the beach, hanging out with friends or occasionally go to bars.” Sherman said.


Graduation is just over the horizon for Sherman and his fellow seniors. The culmination of their hard work and beginning of their careers is cause for celebration.


“It feels amazing being so close to graduation and to finally be done with school,” said Sherman. “I’ll probably celebrate by partying with some friends.”


In his time at school, Sherman learned many lessons about himself during the long nights that come with chasing a degree. He learned just what he’s capable of and surprised himself along the way.


“I’m stronger than I thought I would be. I’m more patient and more caring than I thought I would be.” Sherman said.


The nursing scene is competitive for Islanders and its students have cutting edge tools to ensure they’re ready when they began their professional careers. The field has increased dramatically and students will have to make themselves stand out from the crowd.


“Nursing education has grown so much,” said Julie Fomenko, MSN, RN and Clinical Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing and Health Science.


In his time in college Sherman studied hard and now he’s that much closer to his dream.


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