Seniors share advice to fellow underclassmen



For many, college is a period of evolution, personal growth and change. By their senior year, students have experienced and learned many life lessons that they wish they’d known sooner.

From academics to personal relationships, in their time as students, seniors were given the chance to offer advice to their younger selves. They shared ways they learned to be better students and people through the course of their college careers. The adage goes: “hindsight is 20/20” and that certainly holds true for the seniors mentioned for this piece.

“Time management is vital,” said Mike Marinaro, senior environmental science major. “Input all of your due dates and exams into a planner at the beginning of each semester and keep it maintained throughout.”

Academic tips are often learned through trial and error. As students go through school, they learn more about their own unique study habits and what works for them, specifically. This sort of insight often requires mistakes and improvement from those mistakes. It is all cumulative, however. Students build habits as they learn more about themselves that will stay with them after their collegiate careers come to an end.

Organization and accountability are pillars of any successful student. Seniors have been there, done that, so to speak, by the time graduation is around the corner. As such, they know the importance of building good habits.

“Keep up with your studies,” said Victoria Jenkins, senior marine biology major. “Everything you do in the beginning affects the rest of your college career, so if you put in the effort in the beginning, you’ll thank yourself later.”

Academics aside, seniors have learned valuable life lessons in their time on a college campus. For most, they have been away from home, made new friends and colleagues, fallen into/out of love, discovered new passions or anything in between.

College is a time of self-discovery and reinvention. Students may graduate as completely different people than when they first enrolled. Hopefully that change is for the better. These lessons learn away from the classroom can be just as long-lasting and significant as those that they learn in them.

“Don’t give so much importance to relationships,” Said Elisa Silva, senior sociology major.

As graduation day approaches, many seniors will mark the end of their academic careers while others are taking a step towards further education. Regardless of their next step in life, the lessons they learned to get this point, particularly those in college, will have a lasting impact on the rest of their lives.


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