Freestyle rapping offers residents creative outlet



Corpus Christi has a hidden gem amongst its music community… hip hop.

According to the CC Fridays Facebook page, every first and third Friday at the Watergardens downtown from midnight to 2 a.m. there is a free event where local artists come to perform their music, poetry or freestyle rap. Once a month, there is also an event at The House of Rock where CC Fridays hosts the same local variety of music.

On June 30, CC Fridays celebrated their two-year anniversary at The House of Rock.

OT Reyna, one of the founders of CC Fridays, said the events include hip hop talent, other types of music genres and creative art.

“It’s an outlet for anyone who wants to express themselves,” Reyna said.

Reyna said the group started off with himself and his best friend Tony Lara.

His idea was to get friends together downtown at the Watergardens to freestyle and rap just for fun, because of the interesting scenery, Reyna said.

“Then one day he talked to me and asked if we could set up equipment, and mics and speakers, and from there it just took off,” he said. “We started raising money for better equipment. We started having more people come out, and freestyle and share their talent.”

The hip-hop community brings variety and talent to Corpus Christi that might not have otherwise been showcased, Reyna said.

“I think to start it off hip hop is really misunderstood,” Reyna said. “A lot of people judge it. There’s a lot of music out there that doesn’t really portray it to be what it’s meant for.”

Reyna said he thinks having a good outlet for hip hop brings out more people to display what Corpus Christi has to offer as far as music, art and growth.

“It attracts more people to come down and experience what Corpus has to offer in general,” he said. “I think it’s a hidden gem, really.”

Saul Fuentes, a CC Fridays regular, said the event started off small, with only the original two artists and their friends.

“Two years later they had started this big thing, where all these people started coming out and going to their shows,” Fuentes said.

For more information, go to the CC Fridays facebook page,


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