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Halloween costumes broke college students can use



This Halloween, don’t opt for the typical bed sheet ghost or toilet paper mummy. Being cheap with your Halloween costume doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with it. With these costume ideas, you can win any costume contest- even on a budget.

Leaf Blower Costume (The cheapest and easiest costume on this list)

Here’s what you’ll need:

• An old hat

• A leaf

• A piece of string or fishing wire

• Some duct tape or hot glue

• A black Sharpie

How to make it:

Grab your hat and write “Leaf Blower” on the front of it in Sharpie. Tape, glue or tie a piece of string/fishing wire to a leaf (the string should be about three to four inches long.) Tape or hot glue the other end of your string/wire to the tip of your hat’s bill. Put your new hat on, and make sure that you can blow the leaf in front of you. Ta-da! You’re a leaf blower. What an accomplishment.

Rubik’s Cube

Here’s what you’ll need:

• A cardboard box (Symmetrical on all sides)

• Green, blue, yellow, orange, and white acrylic paint

• Black masking tape

• Craft knife (scissors work too, just be careful!)

How to make it:

Tape your cardboard box completely closed. Cut out a hole for your head, two arm holes on the side, then cut out a hole on the bottom of the box for your torso to fit through (an ellipse shape will do.) Paint each side of your box a different color. Let the paint dry, then tape three by three grids on each side of your box with black masking tape You are now a solved Rubik’s Cube. (If you’d rather have be an unsolved cube, simply place blue painter’s tape and paint each square the way you want it. Then, remove the blue painter’s tape before placing down the black masking tape.)

Pacman/ Mrs. Pacman

Here’s what you’ll need:

• Cardboard

• Black sharpie or black paint pen

• Yellow Acrylic paint

• White craft felt (at least 4 pieces 9” x 12”, usually at Walmart in craft section)

• Black pants or leggings (That you aren’t afraid to glue stuff on)

• Black long-sleeved shirt

• Hot glue gun or spray adhesive (whichever you prefer- if you don’t want to ruin your clothes, just opt for duct tape)

• A small piece of rope or crafting rope (In Walmart craft section)

How to make it:

Simply grab some cardboard and cut out the shape of Pacman’s head. Then, paint the cut-out yellow with a black dot for his eye. Make two small holes at the top of the cut-out where the straps will go. Cut your rope to the length you want (two feet of rope will usually work) and draw it through the holes you made (This rope will go around your neck.) Cut your white craft felt into small white circles (all the same size.) Finally, glue or duct tape your circles onto sleeves and pant legs. Ta-da! You are Pacman. Waka-waka!

(If you want to add more pizzazz, add a ghost or some cherries to your shirt sleeves or pant legs. You can print them out or make them out of craft felt. For Mrs. Pacman look, add a red bow and red lips to your cut-out.)

Cereal Killer Costume

Here’s what you’ll need:

• 5-10 small cereal boxes

• Fake blood or red acrylic paint

• 5 to 10 plastic knives (in correspondence with how many cereal boxes you have)

• An old white T-shirt

How to make it:

Place a piece of cardboard inside of your T-shirt (prevents sides of shirt being glued together.) Hot glue your cereal boxes to various parts of your shirt (make sure they are empty.) Stick a plastic knife into each of the boxes and hot glue them in place. After the glue cools, paint the “knife wounds” on the cereal boxes with red acrylic paint or fake blood. Spray fake blood or paint blood stains around random areas of the shirt. Ta-da! You are a Cereal Killer’s crime scene.



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