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Students stay safe this Halloween with safety tips


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Being safe and knowing helpful tips can help yourself have a more exciting Halloween experience.

When buying Halloween makeup, it’s important to make sure the Halloween makeup is non-toxic. Testing it in a small area of the face or skin before using it entirely may prevent damages to your skin.

According to the National Safety Council, water-based paints and makeup are the easiest to take off when it comes to your skin. Sleeping with makeup is never a good idea because damages to the face can occur overnight. Removing makeup can also prevent skin and eye irritation.

Trick-or-treating is one of the joys about Halloween people love to do every October. Entering and exiting driveways should always be done carefully. Since it is very dark when Trick-or-treating is done, the safest way to leave a driveway is to look both ways before entering a street. Cars might not be able to see costumes that are dark colors during the night time.

Walking up to houses to get candy may be exciting, but it’s important to only go to houses that have their porch light on that seem welcoming to kids. Do not, under any circumstances, enter a stranger’s home; especially if they tell you they have candy inside. The oldest trick in the book is “Come inside, I have candy.”

It’s extremely important not to eat candy before someone else checks it. Candy that is handmade can have harmful objects inside that may do a lot of harm. Tampering is very rare but, being responsible and examining your candy for suspicious items is the best thing to do.

Halloween costumes and accessories have gotten more creative every year. According to the Nation Safety Council, reflective tape for costumes and candy bags can help drivers see people more clearly in the dark.

Carrying a cellphone in your costume can help keep you in contact with friends or family members if you get lost.

When shopping for masks and wigs to go with your costume, make sure they are flame resistant. There are tags on these garments that explain if they are flame and water resistant.

One huge thing to consider is not to use decorative contact lenses without getting an eye examination or prescription from an eye doctor. For some eyes, these contacts may be extremely harmful to the eye. Lenses often have the “one size fits all” or “no specialist required” content on the label. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, these labels have false information that may cause pain to your eye, inflammation and infections that could lead to vision loss.

Reviewing safety tips, knowing 9-1-1 and remembering your local emergency number can help if anyone needs help or assistance this Halloween.


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