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Bug Causes Chaos for Apple Consumers



Recently Apple’s iPhones were going crazy changing the letter “i” to the letter “A” with a question mark in a box. At first, I thought that I had accidently done something wrong to my phone to let this mysterious thing happen. However, it kept happening to me not just once, but every time the letter “i” was sent.  After about a good ten minutes I was ready to throw my phone across the room and order a new one. I couldn’t help but think was this a strategy Apple could be using to get people to buy the new iPhone that was coming out.


I then did what anyone one in this century would do and reached out to social media to scope out the problem. I couldn’t have been the only one to have this problem keep occurring. I tweeted a random tweet just to see if the same problem occurred on the Twitter keyboard and it did. I started scrolling and noticed almost every other tweet had the same exact problem, but it seemed as if nobody even noticed the gibberish occurring on their timeline. It was such a shock to me.


Shortly after Apple users finally caught on to this bug that had taken over the iPhone world. Memes started spreading over the internet and celebrities started posting about the bug and how it was causing so much chaos until the lovely Apple team caught on and came out with a solution to help solve the problem.


According to Apple support here’s one-way iPhone users can change the letter “i” back to its normal existence.


  1. Go to Settings> General>Keyboard> Text Replacement
  2. Tap+
  3. For phrase type an upper case “I”. For shortcut, type a lower case “i”


Once these steps are completed you will find you anxiety level come down a notch and the problem should be slightly fixed. It will still happen occasionally, but not as frequently. The second option Apple users can do is update their phone to the IOS 11.1.1 which Apple released on Nov. 9 that specifically fixed the obnoxious problem. Hopefully Apple users won’t encounter another situation like this anytime soon because I’m not so sure I can be put through something that painful and infuriating again.


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