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Brewer Baker creates one-of-a-kind weddings 


A wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day in the lives of a bride and groom, some spend their whole lives dreaming up their fairytale ceremony and reception. It’s up to wedding planners such as Brewer Baker to face the challenge of making that fantasy a reality.

Baker is employed with Padre Ryan Photographic, the largest beach wedding company in Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend. Baker has spent most of her career planning various types of events, from headliner concerts to world-renowned sports events to a local fundraising gala. She has always felt planning weddings would be something extremely special.

“To many people, a wedding is one of life’s ultimate events, maybe just second to the birth of a child,” Baker said. “With that, being a part of something so special warrants great responsibility, which I choose to accept and take on with great honor, and is what ultimately drives me to work so hard, no matter how stressful it may be, and deliver the best possible experience I am able to.”

Baker said a great deal of work goes into the process of creating the ultimate wedding from start to finish. She credits her attention to detail and unique personal taste when it comes to creating the successful building blocks for her clients’ ideal wedding days.

“I first look to the client to get a feel for colors, style and what themes they like, then I like to give my personal, professional and creative spin on what I may suggest to customize their vision.” Baker said.

Baker said the biggest killer for that wedding bliss is when unrealistically high expectations and the strive for perfection drives some brides-to-be to fall into the role of “bridezilla.”

“It is important for wedding planners to understand that and believe that even if the client becomes the legendary ‘Bridezilla,’ they don’t mean to be difficult, instead, they are just experiencing heightened emotions and stress as a result of the importance and expectations they have built-up for this event in their lives,” Disc jockey Sam Parris said Baker said Brewer is a valuable member of the Padre Ryan team because of her multiple talents and skill sets.

“Her biggest strength is probably her skill with people, she’s very good at reading and feeling out conversations,” Parris said. “She also constantly displays a passion for the work that she does.”

Baker says it is that passion that fuels her to continue to create weddings, even through the toughest of times and clients.

“Passion is a requirement in this business,” Baker said.  With 40 weddings under her belt and counting, Baker said there is never a dull moment and no matter how demanding the request, she is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Baker said she is not Superwoman and can’t take all the credit for helping others reach their “Happily Ever After.”

“It takes an army of people who work incredibly hard behind the ‘face’ or the wedding planner to pull it all off, and none of it could happen without a team,” Baker said.

Baker said at the end of a long and exhausting Saturday night filled with back-to-back indoor and outdoor weddings that she finds the most pleasure in a job well done.

“My favorite thing about being a wedding planner is the reward of seeing my clients’ vision become a reality on the day of the wedding, and the happiness and joy I am surrounded by,” Baker said. “Being able to create the setting for such an emotional and important day in people’s lives and watching the client and their family and friends enjoy it is indescribably rewarding ”

For Brewer, the amount of pride and happiness that comes along with delivering an unforgettable wedding experience always outweighs any pressure and stress that may have accompanied it. In the end, the final successful event believes every single moment is totally worth it. Brewer Baker is a real-life fairytale maker.




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