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Mind Over Matter: Tips For a Better You


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How you go about your day and the reactions you have to unwanted situations has a lot to do with what is in your head. From school, work and clubs, to family, friends and personal needs, there are so many things demanding our effort and undivided attention every day, all day. It can be stressful and taxing, but here are five tips to understanding that it is mind over matter.

  1. Your brain cannot function and remind you to take care of your responsibilities when it’s lacking the proper rest and rejuvenation. Losing quality hours of sleep is going to leave you feeling groggy, cranky and highly unproductive. Pulling an all-nighter every night has very few benefits. Set an alarm (or a few), turn off the technology and catch some z’s.


  1. Give yourself something to look forward to each week. Set aside time at the end of each week to do something that is for you. Treat yourself and watch a movie, go out to dinner with friends, do a little shopping, or go to the beach. For money’s sake, there are always fun and free things to do in the city and on campus.


  1. Give it your all and always know that you did your best. Whether it’s a test you’re studying for, an upcoming job interview, or a big presentation, give yourself a break. If you utilized every resource that is available to you and gave it your all, then you have nothing to stress about. Have some peace of mind that your grades and failures don’t define you. Learn from them… think onward and upward.


  1. If it won’t matter this time tomorrow, then it really doesn’t matter. Someone has probably told you not to sweat the small stuff, and they’re right. That undesirable situation that you are currently facing…is it going to matter this time tomorrow? Entertaining negative thoughts sends that energy throughout your body, causing more unwanted stress and potential illness. Write down 10 positive things that have happened, and commit to only thinking positive thoughts.


  1. Don’t react, respond. Emotions are fickle. Let them run you, and they will ruin you. Take a step back, take a few deep breaths and consider your options. What are the various ways you can respond to a situation before causing an argument or more stress? What will be the outcomes? Get some perspective from wise counsel. You’ll mature as an individual, while learning to control your thoughts before they control you.


Your brain is a powerhouse in telling you what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Feed it with positive things and it will treat you well. Nurture yourself with self-care, goals and a positive sphere of influence. Who you surround yourself with is vital to your mental health. Take these five tips and activate them in your everyday life. Remember, it is mind over matter.



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