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Soccer team pays homage to seniors



Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s women’s soccer team honored its four seniors on Oct. 22 at the Dugan Family Soccer and Track Stadium.

The game against the Lamar University Cardinals proved to be a loss with 3-0, ending their three-win streak, but only motivated the Islanders to push even harder in their away games to come. Despite the loss, the team’s seniors reflected on their careers and individual seasons.

“I want to focus on strengthening not just my skills but also spreading that throughout my team so when I make a good save, it makes them shoot harder or aim better at the net,” senior goalkeeper Jordan Wainwright said. “So, me bouncing energy off of one another and everyone bouncing energy bouncing off of me.”

Fifteen minutes before the last home game kickoff against the Cardinals, Islander seniors Brook Erdmann, Wainwright, Andi Bethard and Christina Remmes took to center field along with their families as stats were read and spectators cheered.

Erdmann, red-shirt senior captain currently sets the record in game appearances totaling to 71, more than any other Islander in history. She also is second in the women’s Soccer Program with 10 goals and more than 22 points throughout four seasons. Wainwright is not far behind ranking second in clean sheets in Islander history; a game without getting scored on.

Head coach Craig Shaw said the final home game of the regular season offered a chance to acknowledge the careers of the senior players.

“It means a lot to honor these girls for the work they’ve put in during their time here and just even for the short time I’ve been here,” Shaw said. “It’s a great time to honor them and the effort they’ve done in grooming 15 freshmen that we have on the team so just a chance to celebrate their effort and work and the time they’ve been here at the school.”

In the 2017-2018 season, seven to nine freshmen have typically started alongside at least one or two seniors.

“Definitely since we have a lot of freshmen this year and being a senior, you have to set the tones for the rest of their years here by being an example, a role model and things like that,” Wainwright said. “Leading with courage, being selfless, you want to teach them good characteristics to have for the rest of their college years. You want to teach them it’s okay to fall and fail; that it’s even better when you get back up. That’s what you do as a captain, you serve as a role model both on and off the field.”

Senior captains Erdmann and Wainwright reflected on how they’ve grown from being a freshman soccer player to now as they cap off their senior careers as Islanders.

“Now I’m a lot more mature and I understand what soccer does mean,” Erdmann said. “I would take it more seriously, put in the extra work and practice more, train harder, to be better, in the long run it would’ve been better.”

Wainwright expressed has helped her become a better person for herself and teammates.

“When I look back, it’s not about how many wins or losses you’ve had but the memories you’ve made with your team,” Wainwright said.

The team will look to send off their seniors on a positive note going into the Southland Conference tournament. This year the Islanders will be hosting the tournament from Nov. 1-5.


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