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Things to do over Thanksgiving Break



Thanksgiving is around the corner and soon students will be traveling back home to their families for a nice holiday getaway. If anybody is like me, this break is usually the motivation I use to get me through the rest of the semester.


Being able to return home and not worry about classes for a week is always nice until you remember upcoming assignments are due and finals are right around the corner. This mini break is not only the time to get yourself together, but it’s also the time to hang out with family and friends and give back to others.  Here are a few tips to ensure you are using your time wisely.


Step 1: Get Organized/Get ahead

I know things get messy halfway through the semester. You usually start out so great writing everything out in a planner then, somewhere down the line, you just start to think you don’t need it. Wrong. A planner is very essential to ensure you are on track with your assignments and everything that needs to be getting done is getting done. To guarantee you can enjoy your break, get all your assignments done prior and try to get ahead on your school work because once you get back finals are going to hit you hard.


Step 2: Get Rest

Although you might not feel productive, catching up on sleep will ensure you will be ready upon return for finals. You will feel refreshed and let’s face it: a vacation isn’t a vacation without being able to take a nap whenever.


Step 3: Have Fun

Thanksgiving break is the time to gather with family and connect with old friends. Let loose and enjoy the freedom that you have while you can because once you return back to campus it’s time to get serious.


Step 4: Give back

This is a great time to help our in your community. Check out the nearest homeless shelter and consider donating some of your time to help pass out food. After all, Thanksgiving is about giving back.


Step 5: Home cook meals

Lastly, and most importantly, take advantage of the home cooked meals. Campus food is cool and all but home cooked meals will always be the way to my heart. Nothing beats gathering around the table for a family dinner with all of your favorite dishes.


Enjoy the time that you have back home, relax and have fun. The mini vacation is going to fly by, but hopefully it gives you the motivation you need before finals. I know it always gives me that little push I need.




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