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University Honors Costal Bend State Legislators at Appreciation Reception



On Nov. 14, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi hosted a reception honoring the work of Texas’ Costal Bend members of the State Senate and House of Representatives at the University Center.

The night’s guests of honor included three local legislators who represent The Island and all of Corpus Christi at the state capitol in Austin during Texas’ biennial legislative sessions. Senator Juan ‘Chuy’ Hinojosa, Chairman Todd Hunter and Chairman Abel Herrero, all of whom recently participated in Texas’ 85 Legislative Session, attended the event and received their tokens of appreciation from the university.

“[Our representatives] are always there, they are all supportive, and they all care deeply about the success of our students,” university president Dr. Kelly Quintanilla said.

The evening started off with a cocktail reception which gave guests the opportunity to socialize before getting settled in for the presentation. Quintanilla got the presentation going by welcoming her guests and introduced the event’s honorees. From there, she personally expressed her gratitude for all the hard work each of the legislators had done to ensure the university got the funding it needs to continue to grow and expand its already diverse list of programs.

“There’s no place like South Texas,” Quintanilla said. “The delegation was so supportive of our university. There are no words and no way in which we can thank you for your constant devotion to our university and community.”

Through their push for more adequate funding, the three legislators were able to

Following her message of gratitude, Quintanilla invited the three up onto the stage to present them with a token of appreciation on behalf of the university. The three then each gave a short acceptance speech in which they returned the favor by thanking the university for their hard work and devotion to quality education.

“Higher Education is so key to our future, so key to our economy, so key to our community,” Senator Hinojosa said. “I am very thankful for all the staff for supporting [Texas] A&M-Corpus Christi and the community.”

Following Hinojosa, chairman Hunter also expressed his gratitude and gave some encouraging words to the audience.

“I want to thank you first of all, but I do want to say this; the work doesn’t stop here, we’re just getting started,” Hunter said.

These remarks would mark the end of the ceremony to give way to the cocktail reception once again.

“We are advocates for our colleges and universities for funding, for programs, and anything we can do to and help the university,” Hunter said. “Overall, it’s a good partnership; legislator-university, working together”


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