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Top 5 things to do over Christmas break



Most college students work hard during the semester. The downfall of it is when we spend so much time working hard, we want to use the break to do absolutely nothing at all. But if you work hard, shouldn’t you play hard as well?

It’s nice to reward yourself after a long and hard semester. Here are several ways to ensure you have a memorable break:

Take a spontaneous road trip: Nothing will make more memories like something that isn’t planned at all. Whether it is with your friends or family, it will ensure a good time.

Create something: Making a movie, art project, music or anything else you think shows off your talents.

Spend Quality time with family: Once school starts back up we will go back to our hectic lives and won’t have much time for family. If family is as important to other students as it is me, then make sure this is a main priority.

Exercise: Throughout the semester everyone tends to get busy. However, now that the break is near, it’s the perfect time to start working on those spring break bodies. Find new ways to workout instead of just attending a gym if you find it boring. Take a dance class, go downtown for a run and find different workout classes you think you may enjoy. College is the time where sometimes we forget how important it is to be active and healthy. Summer bodies are made in the winter, so now’s the time to start.

Go to a concert: If anyone is like me, going to concerts just gives you a feeling like no other. For me, it relieves so much stress and makes me feel like I can forget about everything going on in my life and have a great time with the people I love and music I enjoy. Make  memories that will last forever.

Check out some attractions around the area: If anyone is staying in the Corpus Christi area, Christmas break is the perfect time to check out the museums and other attractions in the area. Whether it be the Lexington, Aquarium, Selena Museum or local shops that you have never been to, go check out what the city has to offer.

There are so many options you can choose from to fill the break, but for me these are the most important. Enjoy the break and have fun. The spring semester will be rolling around the corner before we know it.


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