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14 tips on how to build your online brand



As a college student, people tend to post things online that may seem okay to post at the moment but eventually could be hurtful to their career in the long run.

In the age of social media, people tend to forget that anything you post can indeed be found no matter what, even if your account is on private. College is ultimately the right time to start building your brand or the way that you want people/future employers to perceive you. Rebecca Aguilar, who has been a journalist for nearly 36 years, recently hosted a workshop at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Assocation in Dallas. Her advice is not only helpfulto journalism students, but for any college student wanting to create their own brand and increase their social media presence.

Here are a 14 important tips from the workshop. Start practicing these now, and it may mean the you have an easier time landing your dream job in the future.

1. One post will make or break you.

This is something that is extremely important in the time we are in today. You need to realize that your reputation will always be on the line. Whether you are a journalist or own your own business, your trust is very important to the people you work with or your clients/customers. Be cautious of what you put out there.

2. Think before you post.

Whether you feel a certain type of way or not, it is important you are cautious when posting opinions. These types of posts can offend people you may want to impress later.

3. Do not tweet/post things when you are not 100 percent certain about the topic’s veracity and accuracy.

Right now it is important that you realize you are building your brand. You do not want negative feedback coming your way at an early stage.

4. Absolutely nothing is private.

Where there is a will, there is way. Nothing on the internet is safe. Always remember that.

5. Make a portfolio with your work and buy your URL name.

It is very crucial you have a space with all of your work together. It is also important you buy your name so when professionals want to find you they are able to.

6. Set up your free blog to expose
your brand.

While this is more geared at writers, anyone can create a blog. If you are passionate about something, express how you feel about it and make sure you are on top of it as well.

7. Social media needs to be geared towards your career path.

It is important to remain professional on social media, especially when job searching. As mentioned earlier, clean up your account and delete anything that is inappropriate or out of context with the career you wish to pursue.

8. Follow educators and people in your field of choice.

Having connections is a huge plus when on the hunt for a job. Anyone that can help reach your goal is always someone good to have around, even if it’s just with helpful advice. Seek mentors.

9. Engage with your followers.

People want to see that you are very active on your account. You will also gain followers if they see you reply or even engage with them.

10. Be careful about politics

This kind of goes back to the be careful about your opinions. When building your brand, it is crucial that politics are not mentioned at all. Once you are established then maybe you could talk about them, but stating your views could also back fire on you.

11. Your banner should be selling you.

Your profile essentially describes who you are and what you stand for. Having a header/banner that portrays the field you want to go in is very crucial because when future employers seek your profile that will immediately tell them how passionate you are about your career.

12. Follow organizations

Being involved or even just knowing what is going in the field you desire is very important,  as employers like to know you are staying on top of your game.

13. Make a LinkedIn account.

Having a LinkedIn account is just as important as having a Twitter or Instagram. People have actually been able to get jobs from their LinkedIn.

14.Lastly once a month Google or
Bing yourself.

It is important to see who is talking about you or where you stand on your
online presence.


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