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Get in Shape with Group Fitness Classes

Image courtesy of TAMU=CC Rec Sports/TAMUCC.EDU The Department of Recreational Sports offers a variety of classes and programs to students looking to live a healthier lifestyle.


For many Islanders, working out can seem like a drag, especially if you’re working out alone.  That’s why Recreational Sports is offering a wider variety of group classes this semester, according to Recreational Sports coordinator Kelsey Leggett.

Classes are designed for various skill levels and interests. These classes include, but are not limited to: circuit training, Spin classes, yoga, pilates, target training, recuperation and many more.

“We have a really different variety of classes that are offered at a intermediate level and they offer progressions and regressions to modify it for any fitness level,” Leggett said. “We have yoga, Pilates, Zumba and a few new ones that we added this year such as foam roll and stretch which is more low intensity class where you are using the foam roller. It could really be used as a good warm up class as well as a cool down class.”

For students, a valid SandDollar$ card is the only requirement before entering the Dugan Wellness Center. Classes range from Monday through Friday and are offered as early as 6 a.m. and as late as 7:30 p.m.

A mediation class was added for the spring 2018 semester catering to those who want a more wellness-focused class rather than exercising and sweating. Leggett said she will also be teaching a new class called mini band camp which she is excited about.

“This class will be using mini resistance bands to do glute activating exercises, and more core stability exercises,” Leggett said. “Any fitness level can do this class because it is very beneficial as long as you’re getting those muscles moving.”

Senior nursing major Kelsey Mihalski said she has gone to several classes and has not regretted attending any of them.

“I thought all the classes I took here were really great and motivating,” Mihalski said. “The instructors were very nice, would encourage you and never made me feel like I couldn’t finish the class. I would for sure encourage everyone before they graduate to take a few classes and see how you like it.”

Senior nursing major Miranda Mcentire said she attends classes regularly and enjoys them more than working out by herself.

“The classes are a more fun way of working out,” Mcentire said. “I never once felt like the class did nothing for me, I always walked out knowing I had a good work out. The instructors really motivate you to keep going as well which is really cool.”

Each class usually has a different instructor with their own unique leadership styles for the class, so Leggett said she advises students to try out all the various types of classes to see which style works best for them.

One thing students should keep in mind is the schedule for classes does change every month. For more information about classes or other programs offered through Recreational Sports, visit recsports.tamucc.edu.


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