Islander stands out in the College of Sports Medicine

Image courtesy Outstanding Islander Noe DeAnda was voted Student of the Year.


Senior kinesiology major Noe DeAnda has spent his college years not only in exceeding in the classroom, but also putting his research skills and abilities to the test each semester.

DeAnda is originally from Dallas, but said he knew once he stepped foot on Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi campus it would be his new home for the next four years. Not only does he deliver in the classroom, but DeAnda was voted Student of the Year by the Kinesiology faculty for the TAMUCC Texas American College of Sports Medicine. Since beginning his college career, clinical associate professor Misty Kesterson said DeAnda has been able to overcome many challenges and does not take his education for granted.

“Since the beginning, Noe has always carried himself with a level of maturity and professionalism beyond his years,” Kesterson said. “He has always contributed to the discussions and is a team player and those are just few great qualities he acquires.”

Out of the classroom DeAnda said he has been able to advance his abilities in several research projects and has been able to use his bilingual skills as
an advantage.

“We have utilized Noe with three different research studies and he has been able to be a huge help with every single one,” Kesterson said. “Everyone here appreciates his worth ethic and openness to learn and grow as a professional in the field of
Exercise Science.”

DeAnda currently is working at an internship with Christus Spohn in the Cardiac Rehab department where he is able to utilize the knowledge he has gained at Texas A&M University-
Corpus Christi.

“With this internship, I have been able to help patients recover after their heart surgery,” DeAnda said. “There are several different phases the patient must go through, but the ultimate goal to make sure the recovery process goes smoothly and we guide them the entire way. It has been
very rewarding.”

DeAnda said he is set to graduate in May of 2018 and then plans to attend graduate school at Texas A&M- University- Corpus Christi.


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