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Modern trendsetters spring forward

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Spring means out with the old and in with the new. Undeniably, that is no exception when it comes to the fashion world. Modern trendsetters must crank up their creativity to take our outfits to the next level, and there is no better time than the spring to get a feel of what will comprise the new trends. Spring trends are especially important in Texas, since Texas heat is no joke and more often than not it feels like it’s hot almost all year long. So, we can wear spring and summer looks more often. My advice comes after attending New York Fashion Week last month, and WWD and Vogue are my are all time favorite sources for the trends to come.

Funky florals: there’s no doubt that florals have always been around when it comes to spring. However, this year we are hyping this trend up by adding a little twist. Instead of the typical dainty delicate florals, this season is over the top. Floral embroidery on denim, edgy florals and a mix of other patterns with florals are all popular. Based on some run way shows at New York fashion week, the modern metallic flower prints will also be making a debut.

Bright hues: if you’ve heard the statement less is more, it’s time to throw it out the window. Based on this year’s New York fashion week, it was evident that there is no time for neutral ground. Bright, saturated, almost neon like hues are preferred for that amazing spring/summer tan.

Satin it up: gloss is huge right now! The glossy satin fabric is a definite go to for this year’s spring trends. From super cute tops, to the most amazing free feel dresses that can pulled off with such fabric, we will definitely be seeing quite a lot of this. Keep this in mind as graduation season approaches and girls want to make
a statement.

Asymmetrical feel: another trend that has made quite an appearance in the past months and is expected to come up a lot more during the spring is the asymmetrical style of clothing. Funky shapes in blouses, statement cut out skirts, head turning accessories and all that’s crafty and looks artsy should be part of your updated
spring wardrobe.

Jaw dropping jewels: according to my research, some chic bling will definitely be making its appearance on the racks this upcoming season. Don’t be afraid to add some embellishment and shine to some of the subtlest pieces you own. This can definitely make your outfit go from zero to 100 quickly. Also, spring is about colorful and fun bold pieces. Perhaps you can amp up your outfit by adding some
exquisite jewelry.

However, before you feel obligated to wear what’s most seen right now, remember that fashion and style should represent who you are. While it is awesome to be wearing what is “hot,” you can always take these trends and make them all your own with a little twist. It’s all about comfort and feeling confident. Remember to own what your wear and don’t let it
own you.


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