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New Building Adds Opportunities

Photo by Sam Trujillo /ISLANDWAVES A circuit student gets his first look at the new lab's facilities.


Beginning Spring 2018, engineering students at the Island University will have access to the campus’ newest addition: the Engineering Lab Building.

Located on the intersection of Island Boulevard and Oso Lane, the Engineering Lab Building is the new home to four research and four teaching labs that engineering students will utilize throughout their years at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Housing some of the latest electrical engineering technology and software, this brand-new, 8,750 square foot state of the art lab facility will also provide the university’s engineering department with some new highly sought-after teaching space. Dr. David Bridge, the chair for the Department of Engineering said this new addition helps solve a growing issue on campus.

“The biggest benefit right now is space,” Bridges said. “Because we can move our circuits labs to that building, the rooms we were using before [in the Engineering Building] can now be used for other things.”

One of the many things Bridges said he was excited about the opening of the lab facility was its ability to catch the attention of both prospective students and staff members with its cutting-edge research labs and instructional equipment.

“It’s a very nice facility,” Bridges said. “It will help with recruiting as students will see it and perhaps think it’s a nice space.”

In addition to electrical engineering, the Unmanned Aerial Systems Program at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi will benefit from increased research space as well as the engineering department, as a whole.

“I’m really excited and glad to have this building as a new addition to this campus,” electrical engineering major Oliver Gonzalez said. “Not only does it help the engineering department grow in size, it also gives the students more space and more opportunity to learn this hands-on field of study.”

University President and CEO Dr. Kelly Quintanilla also expressed her excitement for this new building at its preview event.

“This building will unlock more exciting opportunities for our faculty and the students who enroll in our growing engineering programs,” Quintanilla said.

According to Bridges, the building is already partially in use for the Spring 2018 semester and should be in full operation within the near future.


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