Stand-up comedy, music and Jason Schwartzman are a few things Raymond Cabrera says he’s most passionate about.

Cabrera is a junior at the Island who studies media production. He was announced the winner of Island Waves’ Spring Break Spotify Playlist Contest, something he said he was pretty surprised about.

“The real story is there’s a guy who works for Island Waves and he’s always at the space I work at and he told me to submit a playlist,” Cabrera said. “I don’t really make playlists, I listen to albums. But he told me to participate in the contest. I found one playlist I found a while back I made to impress this girl I liked, so I submitted it.”

Cabrera said music is something he has always been passionate about. Other interests of his include building gundams (little Japanese robots), cooking, collecting vinyl and watching wrestling.

“Joey Ryan is one of my favorite wrestlers,” Cabrera said. “I cry every time I see him. I want to become a wrestler and try to build character right now even though I think the character part should go second towards actually getting in shape and all that stuff, but the character part is so much easier.”

Cabrera said he also has an interest in memorizing most of IMBD.

“It’s a joke that I have with myself,” Cabrera said. “Any time someone asks, “who was in this movie,” it’s like I know that. But I hate it so much because I can memorize all of this stuff, but I can’t memorize the stuff for my courses.”

However, most recently Cabrera said he’s enjoyed doing stand-up comedy. He started out 6 months ago when he attended the Corpus Christi Seven Day film festival at the House of Rock. He had found a flyer about open mic events and he decided to take part in it. He now does stand-up comedy in Corpus Christi, San Antonio and Austin.

“Majority of my set is about my arm,” Cabrera said. “My main opening that I always use is like, “Some of you guys are probably wondering what happened to me. Right hands go for a lot in the black market and you gotta pay for tuition somehow.”

With all jokes aside, Cabrera said the real reason he only has one arm was because he was born with it.

“It’s so much more interesting to lie to people than it is to tell the truth because it’s like that one John Melanie joke – there’s almost a John Melanie joke for any situation in my opinion- Sure, you can be sad about it all the time, but you can do something about it. You can make jokes about it and people will love it. It’s a topic that hasn’t really been covered in the comedy world.”

Aside from working on his stand-up comedy, Cabrera said he works with the Graduate Studies department with GROW. He also works various odd jobs including video editing and recording shows of other comedians. He said he enjoys it because he gets tickets to various shows and meet comedians who have already made it.

“I got to meet Jamie Kennedy and it was the most exciting one so far because as a kid I was a huge fan of him,” Cabrera said. “It was so surreal meeting him in real life. It was just great.”

Looking forward towards his career goals, Cabrera said he’s considered changing his major.

“I originally wanted to make movies and media production is pretty much the closest thing to the film degree here on campus,” Cabrera said. “It was my main thing in high school. But I mean, just because I like movies doesn’t mean I have to make movies. I don’t regret it. The program is really great, and I’ve met a lot of cool people but I’m starting to think about going into counseling.”

Cabrera said he feels like it’s too late to change majors and mainly just wants to graduate and start working. However, later on in the future he said he may come back to school for counseling.

“I’ll just come back to school whenever I’m in my thirties and super sad and be like, “Guess I’ll become a counselor now,”” Cabrera said.
As far as plans for Spring Break, Cabrera said so far, he’s just wanting to focus on his show. His birthday is also quickly approaching so he wants to try and celebrate when he has time during Spring Break. As for his Brewster Street plans, he said he plans on taking one of his friends with him.

You can follow Cabrera on Instagram and Twitter at @nervousdolphin for more information about him. To listen to his Spring Break Playlist, check it out on Island Waves’ social media pages at @islandwavestogo.


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