Student athlete pursues multiple passions

Image courtesy of @Zhafear Zeppelin/TWITTER Zhafear Zeppelin competing in high jump during the 2017 Track & Field season.


Zhafear Zeppelin, a sophomore and student athlete for the Island University has definitely turned heads since he was recruited to the Texas A&M Track & Field program as a high jump competitor in 2016.

Originally from Dallas, Zeppelin said he was fortunate enough to have caught some attention when he was recruited by the former Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi coach to join the Islanders in track and field. He is now under the direction of coach Brent Ericksen. Although he has a hectic schedule, he makes time for the things that matter and is an active peer among the university’s student body.

“Zhafear brings to the team the will to improve,” current teammate Brigette Evans said. “At the closing of every meet or even practice, he sets the goal of doing better in the next one.”

Zeppelin said he first discovered his love for the sport when he was a freshman in high school.

“I was coming out of basketball practice one day and a coach gave me a stick and told me to jump, and I loved it,” Zeppelin said. I stuck to it
ever since.”

This star athlete is not only passionate about competing in high jump, but he is also a person of tremendous spirituality. Zeppelin said he focuses on his spiritual life and calls it the strength behind
his motivation.

“I don’t really look up to anybody, but I read the Bible a lot and I’d have to say Jesus [is who I look up to],”
Zeppelin said.

Zeppelin said he tries to keep his spiritual life on track through readings from the book of Proverbs, his favorite, and by following the “What would Jesus
do” statement.

“Aside from being a leader in his event, [Zeppelin] brings such a big character to the team,” Evans said. “He’s so silly and always smiling, the coaching staff as well as his teammates can’t help but to laugh with him constantly.”

Zeppelin’s talents are not limited to athletics.  As a fine arts major,  one of his hobbies includes photography. Zeppelin said he will take on a photography internship in the near future and is excited to get more of his work exposed.

“I want to travel and take more pictures of anything and everything,”
Zeppelin said.

Eventually, Zeppelin said he hopes to land his dream job with National Geographic in the photography field and have the opportunity to travel constantly while pursuing his love
for photography.

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