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Student survival guide to beating the midterm slump



After a week-long break and having to come back to the same old routine, for many students a there’s a bumpy road ahead. You know: the all-

However, there is good news: we are officially half way through the spring semes- ter and, before we know it, we’ll be on our way to a sweet summer destination.

Yet, even with this reason for motivation, it’s still inevitable to have the midterm slump. You know, the point in time where you basically have the urge to slack off? Nonetheless, you need to remember that school is tricky, and a slump period may cost you that bor- derline A or even that bor- derline pass or fail in a class or two.

Here are some tips and tricks towards beating that slump period and com- ing out of Spring 2018 feeling triumphant.

1) Brain Fuel

Have you ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”? That old saying is true for a reason; keeping your diet rich inenergizerfoodsisanessen- tial part of having brain pow- er in order to conquer your day. Peanut butter, berries/ raisins, granola, Greek yogurt and almonds are only some examples of little snacks that can boost you up for the day. Having large, unhealthy meals will make you feel drowsy and sleepy, thus making you take an unnecessary nap when you should be finishing that research paper.

2) Organizing & Reviewing Notes

After class, try and do your best to look over the notes you just took. Write a little bit about them or rewrite them in order to get them to stay in your head. This is a lot more efficient in helping you keep the information in your long- term memory. Not to mention, it will take a lot less time away from cramming the night be- fore your final.

3) Engage in a Healthy Pastime

As college students, we are under a lot of pressure. A lot

of the time our only escape is to go out for a wild night, but sometimes engaging in an- other activity in order to bring your body and mind to an ease is the most important. Our Recreational Center actually aids students when it comes to this by not only providing a great place to get fit and have fun, but by also having several classes that are more person- alized for different needs. To name a few, they have Pilates, yoga, hip hop cardio and cy- cling. These are all some nice activities that can get your mind cleared up in order to be able to store more information without having a break down.

4) Strength in Numbers

Many may say that they work better alone, but there is also something called “power in numbers.” Get in contact with other classmates and come together to form a well- structured study guide. Who knows, perhaps they noticed something important that slipped your mind during lec- ture. Or maybe their under- standing of a concept is more in depth than yours is, and they can help you understand it from their point of view. Ask- ing for help in one form or an-

other is beneficial because you are all trying to survive, and trying to figure something out on your own isn’t always the most efficient or quickest way togetthingsdone.

5) Rest Up Before You Mess Up

Everyone loves a good nap, especially the type that lasts half of the day, and we college students are prone to fall into this habit. Stay up all night and sleep all day at times, but the fact of the matter is that this isn’t good for our health or our academic schedule. We tend not to retain as much if we didn’t have a good night’s rest. Try figuring out a way to fix your sleeping schedule. For example, usually after having your brain fuel, you are able to study and review notes. Af- ter you’ve absorbed the infor- mation, your body might tell you it’s time for a break and that’s when a good yoga class could be the perfect distrac- tion for your day and, finally, after tackling those tasks, your body will feel as though it’s done enough to be able to rest accordingly.

Don’t let the midterm slump get to you, be efficient and get ready to conquer; go Islanders!


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