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Try making beef and cheese enchiladas

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Any one of my close friends could tell you that I’m no Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen, so after trying to find food recipes that even a klutz like me can still manage to make, I’ve had to resort to my friends who can actually make a decent meal. Special thanks to junior theatre major Amanda Vela for providing a delicious recipe for beef and cheese enchiladas: a fitting meal for us students who live in Corpus Christi. This recipe is extremely easy to make and not too time consuming; and it’s something the average college student could always enjoy eating that also reminds them of home. As a plus, the beef in this recipe is optional for a more vegetarian friendly dinner. Along with about $20 and an hour to spare for preparation and cooking, you will need the following ingredients:

1. Corn Tortillas (24 pack)

2. Enchilada sauce (H.E.B. brand; two cans)

3. Ground beef (small pack)

4. Garlic & onion powder

5. Knorr tomato spice (Caldo de tomate con sabor de pollo)

6. Crumbly cheese (H.E.B. brand; Mexican blend)

7. Canola Oil


1. Pour some canola oil onto a frying pan and set your stovetop to medium heat for your corn tortillas. Be sure to fry them on each side for about a minute each, but not too crispy because you will be rolling them up in a bit.

2. Pour the two cans of enchilada sauce into your sauce pan and cook on your stovetop at medium heat. Add a pinch of salt and pepper. Once the sauce has settled and cooked thoroughly, you will dip your tortillas in the sauce.

3. Next, take your ground beef and your spices and cook it in the enchilada sauce on medium/high for about
10 to 12 minutes.

4. Once the beef is ready, take that and your cheese blend, spreading it onto each of the tortillas, and individually roll them up next to each other, enough to fill your pan.

5. Preheat your oven to
450 degrees

6. Add more cheese and the rest of your sauce on top of the folded enchiladas and place in the oven.

7. Bake for eight minutes, or until cheese melts

8. ENJOY!!!

This meal is something perfect to bring to your next potluck and also makes some delicious leftovers, if there are still any left, to be honest. You can also add a bag of your favorite tortilla chips and salsa, and turn on that Netflix series you’ve been meaning to watch, and you’ll be set!


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