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Controversial preacher visits campus




Brother Matt, a visiting preacher ordained in Florida who claimed he wanted to “spread the word of God,” visited Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi last week.

Many students passing by on their way to classes said they felt insulted and threatened by Brother Matt’s words, more specifically about his threats towards women and the LGBTQ+ community. Others, like sophomore communication major Bayli Long, said they didn’t agree with the scriptures the preacher was reciting.

“I don’t agree with his tactics,” Long said. “He’s preaching the hell, but not the hope. That is what Christianity is about. It’s based on hope. He is going against everything that God believes.”

Brother Matt visited the Island for three days in a row, where he spent hours in the Hector P. Garcia Plaza and breezeway exercising his First Amendment right. However, students like freshman modern language major Omar Alvarado said Brother Matt was misusing the First Amendment.

“This guy is a complete moron,” Alvarado said. “Of course, everyone should have their right to the First Amendment but with this specific guy, there should be a restriction on him coming back to campus since he is spreading more hate than the true word of God.”

Adrianna Deppe, a freshman animation major, said this hasn’t been the first time Brother Matt has visited
the campus.

“This guy has been coming here every year,” Deppe said. “There was one time where he brought kids with pick it signs that said, “Sinners Go to Hell.” It was a hot day and the kids were wearing long sleeve t-shirts.

One of the professors had brought some water bottles for them and they said, ‘We can’t take water bottles from sinners.’ That to me was very rude and they should have been kick off
campus then.”

Brother Matt was insistent on his beliefs and although the students were attempting to provoke him and argue with him, he stood his ground. He said his denomination is
Pentecostal Hollins.

“Women need to know their place in life, so they will not go to Hell,” Brother Matt said.

Many security guards surrounded Brother Matt while he spoke to students not because they supported him, but to ensure things didn’t turn violent. One of the security guards was Cindi Anderson.

“There were many aggressors that could push him to the limit,” Anderson said. “I was there to make sure nothing went wrong. If something had gone wrong, I am the one who would have called UPD.”

Although there were harsh words spoken back and forth among the students and Brother Matt, no violence broke out throughout the time he was on campus. If anything, some students said they found the preacher to be amusing, while others tried to see the positive impact on his visit.

Junior criminal justice major Jacob Cagle said Brother Matt’s visit was a way to bring Islanders together.

“The funny thing about this guy is even though he is a big jerk, he is uniting the people on this Island,” Cagle said. “Not many times would you see somebody protesting about God and not many times do you see many different people stand up for what they believe in. He is bringing into focus on what the community actually is, opening [an] opportunity for people
to talk.”

Some students, however, were angered that Brother Matt was allowed to be on campus, especially with the hate flyer incident that happened back in January (visit islandwavesnews.com to read more about this story and the follow up on it) and questioned what authority gave him permission to be on campus (more student opinion about this can be found on page two of this issue from senior chemistry major Felipe Martinez, who submitted an opinion piece to Island Waves about
Brother Matt).

As Island Waves reported previously during the unauthorized flyer incident, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi must tread carefully when it comes to First Amendment issues because it is a public university. To read more about the First Amendment and how the university handles these situations, visit Amber Castillo’s story, “Hate speech, free speech” at


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