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Corpus Christi residents prepare for Fiesta de la Flor

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Selena: the woman who changed the game of Tejano music in the 1990’s and our queen who still continues to keep us entertained even after her passing almost 23 years ago. To this day in 2018, many people are still in- spired by her music and her personal- ity. On September 30, 2016, MAC make- up line introduced a Selena line that immediately sold out within hours. Not only did her makeup line go out of this world, Madame Tussauds created a wax figure in her honor and the Hol- lywood Walk of Fame gave Selena her own star 22 years after her death. Her life continues to touch many people among three generations of fans.

Now, we honor her today with a two-day festival on Friday, April 13, through Saturday, April 14. Fiesta de la Flor will include artists like The Home- town Boys, Elida Reyna, The Maver- icks, Los Palaminos and many more who are celebrating the life of Selena. Aside from this, special guest artist Becky G will be performing on Satur- day April 14.

At this year’s festival, there will be a special showing of Selena: The Last Concert. The setting will be like a drive-in movie theater. Last year’s festival showed the Selena movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Edward James Olmos.

There is a supermarket known as El Mercado, which is full of eth- nic food, that will have tamales, pan dulce (also known as sweet bread), churros, agua frescas (sweet, refresh- ing flavored water). There will also be food trucks along North Shoreline Boulevard. From taco trucks to burger trucks, the only way to enjoy the fes- tival is let yourself have a good time with good food. Besides the food that is exciting, Selena’s Wax Figure from Madame Tussauds will be at the festi- val both days for fans to take a selfie with her.

Among the other events taking place at the festival, there will be a one on one conversation called “One Person Unites Us,” with Selena’s older sister, Suzette Quintanilla-Arriaga and spe- cial guest stars YouTube sensation, Desi Perkins and singer Becky G. These women sit down to talk about how Selena continues to unite us today and how her memory will never die with the millennial generation keeping her alive.

How does Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi tie into the festival? First, you can volunteer for both days and by volunteering, you can get into the festival for free. You can also vol- unteer from showing people where to go to, take pictures and video events happening around the festival and above all, have fun. This festival is to celebrate the life of an incredibly talented woman who passed away so young. This is where we come into play.

When the Inaugural Festival took place almost three years ago, Michelle Maresh-Fuerher was contacted to ask some students who wanted to volun- teer to help with the media part of the festival. Many students helped with organizing the media booth. One stu- dent had a chance to interview A.B. Quintanilla himself and his view of the festival that celebrates his younger sister’s life. One can imagine how in- credibly proud the Quintanilla family is to see how Selena’s life still impacts today’s society.

Tickets start around 15 dollars and the festival is only two days. Make sure you take some time to go down to this festival and dance, sing your heart out and celebrate the life of our Queen of Tejano Music, Selena.


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