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Finding the perfect summer dress

mage courtesy of papayaclothing.com/PAPAYA Crochet maxi dress sold at Papaya.


You can’t go about summer and not have that favorite little go to summer dress. And although there is plenty of people who aren’t comfortable wearing a dress, I guarantee that finding the right fit for you will definitely change your mind. Putting on a summer dress should make you feel like a more free, vibrant and lighter version of yourself. How to achieve your perfect look is what we’re aiming to do.

The Midi

A widely hot trend right now is wrap dresses, and often I’ve seen that most wrap dresses also happen to be Midi. With it’s mid length and usually decorated with long sleeves or ruffles, this would make the perfect summer wedding guest dress. However, let’s take into consideration that although this is a hot trend this style tends to suit best for people who are taller.


We certainly weren’t kidding when we said that this asymmetrical trend would be getting a debut this season. Asymmetrical dresses are certainly a must for all the trend setters out there. From an asymmetrical floral piece, to a subtle pastel colored midi, we can find this trend in various forms.

Button Up

Although this may seem so 1990’s, it’s coming back and in the chicest way! Button up dresses are perfect for the girl looking for comfort. Most Button up dresses will have a much more laid-back feel.

Off the Shoulder

A now on-going trend would defiantly have to the off the shoulder. Whether it’s a maxi, mini, or midi dress, the off the shoulder trend suits them all. Some people may not feel as comfortable exposing their shoulders, but this can enhance the elegance of your look.

Maxi Dresses

A perfect dress for the more conservative women out there, maxi dresses helps those who like hiding their legs, but none the less enjoy the free feel of rocking a summer dress. Maxi dresses are also a better suit those long-legged girls out there and will more likely compliment a tall structure much better than someone who is shorter. It tends to be harder for petite women to find a nice fit when it comes to maxi dresses

Mini Dresses:

The ultimate go to for most girls. Although Mini dresses are what you mostly think of when you think of dresses, it’s a huge hassle for a tall girl to find the perfect fit while not revealing way to much. The first rule when it comes to mini dresses is keeping it classy. Sure, we know that this is a sexier version compared to the rest of the dress designs, but you don’t want to end up being the girl who showed everything thanks to an unformed fitting dress. Mini dresses are essentially a very suitable piece for shorter gals. Being petite has its perks when it comes to mini dresses.

Comfort should always remain to be at the top of your list when shopping for anything. A part of comfort is not only finding the perfect fit, but also finding what you will feel your best in. If you genuinely feel that you feel your best in maxi dress although you are small, you go ahead and rock whatever makes you feel the prettiest.


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