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Graduate students share their research



The TAMU-CC Sociology and Psychology department held their Psychology and Sociology Colloquium in the Lone Star ballroom on April 12.

This Colloquium featured three keynote speakers who were all Graduate students who spoke about their research. These speakers were Emily Munoz, Selina Saldivar and Diana Tinsley. Dr. Lisa Comparini, Associate Professor of Psychology, said this event is held once a semester and both departments do their best to ask new faculty members what research they have conducted. The overall goal of the colloquium is to showcase new ideas.

“While in the process of choosing on who should speak each semester, there are three people who will volunteer to showcase their research,” Comparini said. “This is to bring awareness about the research that is to be conducted within this field. This semester’s colloquium is featuring three graduate students. Most of the time it is usually teachers who have completed their research for this field but I am thrilled that this semesters’ undergraduate students get to see that graduate students are in the same boat as they are.”

The research the students have conducted also brought some awareness to the crowd. One of presenters, Emily Munoz, conducted a research on what Latina women thought about the word “feminism.”

“When I was conducting this research, it surprised me at how many women had positive attitudes towards feminism,” Munoz said. “How I described the term to them and then they would say “Oh yeah, I am a feminist.” And then would continue to explain why they thought they were a feminist. Another thing too was that I feel there should be more representation for Latina women. You know, about four percent of Latina women have their master’s degrees. There should be more of us.”

Selina Saldivar held a presentation called Social Exclusion: Ego Depletion and Self-Awareness, while Diana Tinsley presented The Fear of Being Judged: Approaches to Dealing with Anxiety. All these presentations in general were related to the student body and faculty on campus. College students and faculty members alike in the audience could likely relate to Saldivar and Tinsely’s presentations in particular, given that stress, anxiety and procrastination is not uncommon in the university setting.

The Psychology and Sociology Research Colloquium is held each semester, with students and faculty presenting their research in the spring and fall respectively.


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