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How to work with prints for Spring



Spring is definitely the sea- son to update your closet. With fun prints, bold colors and funky jewelry, you can see more or less what trends will make their debut throughout the entire year. This is the time to determine what you will choose and pick out of those fashion magazine suggestion styles and you will also deter- mine if this year’s New York Fashion Week styles will win their place over in your closet.

Inevitably, a classic for spring is always prints and textures. What new prints will be in and how is it possible to wear them just as fiercely as other fash- ionistas? Will this texture suit the season, or will it end up be- ing a clash catastrophe? We’ve got just the right tips for you.

Prints can be tricky, espe- cially in the spring when you want to make a statement, but you also don’t want to fall into borderline tacky. Nowadays, the aesthetically-pleasing fash- ion pictures for Instagram are a must for any fashionista and with these tips, you are sure to achieve your most colorful, print-savvy potential. Gradual Transitions

Going zero to one hundred really quick can sometimes be a good thing but, in this case, if you’re new to patterns, we suggest you gradually transi- tion into their usage wisely. Begin by picking out one print item and try pairing it with a simpler one. Take for example, a black and white polka dot skirt (this can be a little bodycon or a bigger box- pleated skirt). Now, since you already have the bold print,

it’s time to get your colors in check. Although polka dots and hot pink are a widely known combo, try something different. Let’s say a yellow one shoulder? Or if you’re not as comfortable doing such bright colors, you can stick to a white top and try going bold with some bright earrings or a chunky necklace.

Avoiding Texture Mayhem

Experimenting with textures is certainly a risk that must be handled with extensive care. However, lucky for our read- ers, we’ve figured out a way to make it work in the classiest way possible. Texture makes a look interesting and one of my favorite combinations has to be sequin-textured prints. This combines the print state- ment and a different texture. One thing you must know is to avoid big, heavy textures

layered on one another for spring. If you’re looking for a simple, layered-texture look, you can try a lace dress and denim jacket. If you’re a little bolder, you can try a chunky wool tank top tucked into that stunning sequin skirt.

Find Yourself within Your Print

Figure out what prints you like first. Do you love girly polka dots, or are you a striped gal? Are you bold enough to feel comfy in a mini pineapple print, or would you rather stick to the floral-on-floral spring classic? The prints you choose to wear should appeal to you. You should feel comfortable and confident and not uncom- fortable or feeling like you ab- solutely have to because it’s what’s “in.” Fashion is what’s in. Style is what you decide to do with it.


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