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Islanders guide to house hunting

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Between studying for exams and registering for classes, students have enough on their plate without adding a heaping pile of emails from various housing facilities. And that’s why I’m here: to do the work of researching these places so that the students of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi can easily choose the best housing for them without even glancing away from their Chemistry flashcards.

To begin, let’s first look at Islander Village. Located on 5525 South Alameda St. with a free shuttle to campus, Islander Village has the option of a four bed (private)/four-bathroom apartment for 12 months at a price of 619 dollars a month. Each apartment comes fully furnished with a fully-equipped kitchen as well as with cable TV and Internet included. Electricity and water are included but are capped at a certain amount. This location is pet-friendly and has a host of amenities such as a sand volleyball court, outdoor grills and a plethora of exciting additions and upgrades coming soon. For more info, go to islandervillage.com.

Next on the list: Momentum Village. This is one of the housing facilities that’s directly associated with the Island University, the other one being Camden Miramar. Both are owned and managed by American Campus Communities. Momentum Village offers both a two bedroom and a four-bedroom townhome or apartment option; the starting price per person is 710 dollars a month. Momentum also includes a free shuttle, as well as fully furnished rooms and fully-equipped kitchens. Private and communal bedroom options are available. Internet and Wi-Fi is included throughout the community and, just like Islander Village, has various attractive amenities. For more info, visit livemomentumvillage.com.

Moving on to the other TAMUCC-affiliated housing, Camden Miramar has an edge that the rest of these places don’t: it’s literally on the campus (no shuttle needed). There’s the option of a one, two or four-person apartment or suite, the cheapest one being the two bed/one bath resident dorms at 670 dollars per person. These dorms come fully furnished with study rooms available on each floor of the building. There’s also a community kitchen and laundry area on each floor of every building in the community. Cable TV, Internet, water, electricity and trash are all included in the rent. But, don’t be fooled: if you choose to live here, you will be required to purchase a meal plan, which starts at 1,597 dollars a semester, so keep that in mind. To learn more, go to americancampus.com.

Just down the road from the TAMUCC campus at 1773 Ennis Joslin Rd. is Campus Quarters. With a choice of a two, three or four-bedroom (private)/bathroom apartment and starting at 679 dollars a month, this housing complex is one which will give more bang for your buck. Amenities here include a swimming pool, tanning bed, hammock garden, volleyball court and much more. It’s pet-friendly and offers roommate matching as well. Each unit comes fully furnished and with a fully-equipped kitchen as well as a washer and dryer. Like the Islander Village, it provides all the usual utilities but with an allowance cap. You know the drill: liveampusquarters.com.

While the four housing complexes discussed in this article aren’t the only options, they are the ones who seem to be the most geared towards college students here, if the constant emails mean anything. And with that, good luck on the house hunt, Islanders.


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