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Jenny and the Mexicats bring blending musical genre to Selena Festival



For a decade, Jenny and the Mexicats have toured around the world showcasing their unique sound through their musical combinations of almost every genre. Their most recent stop: Fiesta De La Flor at Bayfront Park in downtown Corpus Christi.

Jenny and the Mexicats performed their latest songs and paid special tribute to the Queen of Tejano, Selena Quintanilla Perez, on Saturday, April 14th.

The group began 10 years ago when lead singer Jenny Ball was a trumpet player touring in an orchestra in Spain, when she met bass player Luis Dìaz “Icho” and flamenco guitarist Alfonso Acosta “Pantera.” Throughout the years the members have embraced each nationality and meshed every different type of sound from rockabilly, cumbia, jazz, country, folk, reggae and flamenco to create the unique quality they have today.

“We are constantly mixing every different type of sound you can think of,” Icho said. “We are all of different nationalities so that really helps us to bring in different ideas and we fused all of them together.”

Although they are not signed to a label, Jenny and the Mexicats have managed to release three very successful albums. Jenny hardly spoke any Spanish at the time, but their first album titled “Jenny and the Mexicats” received a Gold Record and recognition. This album made them internationally known and essentially put them on the map.

“When I first began singing in Spanish it was very difficult for me because it was hard for me to really feel the music,” Ball said. “After living in Spain for awhile and having the guys have to translate everything for me, I realized I needed to start learning it for myself. I now speak it fluently and even find myself talking to my dogs in Spanish as well. It has really helped me to feel the music and I now feel like it is part of me now.”

The band said they were happy they were asked to be a part of the festival seeing as Selena has always been a huge influence in the music industry and continues to be today.

“Selena is an artist that is very special to us,” Ball said. “We are so excited to be able to be a part of her festival. She is an artist that is an inspiration to us and to all the people that have been touched by her music. She succeeded to transcend and break barriers and in that way we feel we have in common with her.”

Jenny and the Mexicats’ performance at Fiesta de la Flor was part of the band’s 10th-anniversary tour across the United States.



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