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Poetry by Islander A.L. Salinas

Image courtesy of A.L. Salinas/ISLANDER

by A.L. Salinas

This not unorthodox that I beseech Your grace is of unfailing splendor heart
I was always one that could not find speech Now I see that we could not fall apart

One of two that I knew when I was young Attraction that I had toward our friend But it was you that seemed so finely-strung It was you that so cared until the end

Like a dove, in the sky I know, you are In Heaven with our Lord, you are now free And safe from every-single-thing bizarre You are so beautiful that I can see

It is missed that I cannot miss you more so Should tell you that I love you, now you know

Untitled ‘18
by A.L. Salinas

You are always my greatest friend, you know This emotion is as clear as water Seems your beauty is amazing you show
I know you love me now more than ever

I cannot wait to return at my home To visit is to be accepted in Together we shall be as we so roam All we had to do was look from within

Your love is just magnificent as time From the instance that we can see will pass This love cannot be placed upon the dime Nor will it be crashed upon the glass

Your wonder is as clear like sound of the bell Come with me, I will get to know you so well


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