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Student view on the “Preacher Man”

Photo by Illi-Anna Martinez/ISLAND WAVES Brother Matt preaching to students in the Hector P. Garcia Plaza.


It’s that time of the semester again. At least three or four times, some preacher man comes onto his campus to call women whores, tell LGBT+ people they’re going to hell, and that drugs are bad, m’kay? We all recognize them by now. The older guy and his wife who have signs proclaiming judgment upon us all. The bearded skinny hipster guy who hangs out with that one Christian group in the breezeway. And every time they show up there is a large group of people there to stand up to them. Some people say that we should just ignore them, and let it be. I reject that idea as tacit approval of what these men (and they are typically men shouting) preach. As Edmund Burke once wrote “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. As such when our fellow islanders stand up against this hateful rhetoric they are showing the community at large that while the TAMUCC administration may allow this kind of speech to exist here, the student body will continue to reject it as the virus it is.

But do we really have to tolerate it? Is telling a person that they are condemned to hell because of who they love or how they dress acceptable on our campus? How long must we Islanders endure having slurs and insults thrown at our fellow students before something is done? With such a charged reaction, is it only a matter of time before there’s violence? I think the administration should take a long hard look at its policies regarding hate speech, especially in light of events from earlier in the semester. And they should take a look at what their student organizations represent, and whether or not they endorse hate speech by not removing members and officers who spread it.


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