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The Island’s guide to the perfect bikini bottom



With the weather getting warmer, and Corpus Christi one of the ultimate destinations for a beach vacation in Texas, it’s inevitable to want a new bikini to strut this summer. But first, let’s talk about what suits you best according to body shape and skin tone. Carefully picking out the right bikini for you is important in order to make you feel content and confident. To end unpleasant and baffling bathing suit shopping this year, I gathered together a rundown of beautiful and savvy picks that are ideal for you.

The color shade of your bikini should complement your skin tone. For example, if you’re tanned to perfection, the color yellow will look ultimately amazing. But if you’re more on the fair side, bright colors that

are not neon will suit you best. I would go with a magenta, pastel yellow polka dots, or even a bold print of purple, hot pink and tif- fany blue hues. We also have the olive colored gals who are best in red. Personally, since I am olive colored, I tend to go with red and white and lighter shades of pink and teal.

But before even considering color, here are the guides for an amazing piece that extenuates your best figure and make you feel radiant and confident!The Pear Shape

The key for those pear shaped gals would be balance in your proportions and getting the coverage you need from your bottoms. One quick fix can be a clean-skirted bottom that falls just below the largest part of the upper leg. Avoid a ‘boy short’ bottom or a thick banded bottom, and try keeping the attention drawn to your top rather than bottom,

if you’re not exactly comfortable. You can do so by obtaining an eye-catching bikini top and keeping your bottom neat and simple. I actually found the cutest bikini top at Wal Mart for under 20 dollars.

Athletic Figure

Enhancing a little more curves is what you must be about. Finding a style that helps you flaunt a little more is a definite must. That is why bold should be your go to: fun prints, ruffles, embellishments and for this body type, the more the better. Such swimwear that extenuates a more ‘out there’ vibe with less coverage aids in creating the illusion of a curvier figure. Monokinis can be great and one pieces with slashes on the sides or cut outs can give the illusion as well. In this case, PacSun is an awesome alternative to getting a cute bikini for this body shape. Since Pacsun is leaning towards the surfer girl type of image, their bikinis tend to be teeny tiny, an ideal quality for a more curvy athletic figure.Curvy

The key to the gals who seem to have it all would be to ensure you have enough coverage and support. If you’re not keen on exaggerating your curves, then steer clear of monokinis or string bikinis with thicker ties, which can accentuate your widest areas. Try asymmetrical suits that draw attention towards the neckline rather than the rest of the curves you don’t exactly feel comfortable showing off. Victoria’s Secret bikinis are usually a very good place to find swim wear that is not only great on support but also super cute!
Tucking in the Tummy

Somehow this always seems to be a quite common concern. Girls often feel extremely uncomfortable showing off their mid section. Being self-conscious in a bikini just doesn’t work, especially if you’re try- ing to have a fun beach day and the only thought on your mind is how you might look. To tuck the tummy in its place and make you feel comfortable, strive for high waisted bottoms. Luckily, high waisted seems to be more and more in style these days. Also, choosing a very cute top that really lifts you in the right areas can create the illusion of a longer torso, thus creating a more slim figure. A plunging and push up top with a high waisted bottom is sure to keep you in check, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, rather than worrying over a tiny “kini.” However, if this still isn’t enough coverage for you, tankinis are always a good idea and extremely comfortable. Some of the best tankinis you can get are actually at Target for a very affordable price.



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