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Tips on searching for a job after graduation



Job searching can be stressful for Islanders, especially for those approaching graduation soon. Graduation is supposed to be a grand time where family and friends are there to celebrate the graduate on achieving a milestone. Then reality sets in and the graduate must look for a full-time job that has great benefits including a 401k retirement plan with the company plus insurance coverage. Lucky for the future graduate of TAMUCC, Career Services helps make the process of looking for a job a little bit easier.Nancy Salinas, Senior Career Counselor, leads the Career Services team to help guide students understand the process of looking for a job.

“The best place to ask for help when looking for a job is Career Services,” Salinas said. “We have a job portal with jobs from all over the USA and other countries. We work directly with employment recruiters and we can tell you what they are looking for and how to prepare those employers.”

Salinas also said that looking for a job is a job in itself.

“Preparation is key,” Salinas said. “We at Career Services want students to come as freshmen all the way through their college career. So, by graduation they are prepared to apply for jobs, know employer expectations, and reach career goals. We assist students looking for professional jobs after graduation all the time. Students need to prepare a resume, cover letter, and list of references so we can review them with you. Start looking for a job before you graduate. Investigate careers in your field early so you learn and know what you want to do for a job after graduation.”

Lucy Wilson-Garza, professor in the Communication and Media Department, added some advice to give to students looking for potential jobs.

“There are many steps that students would have to take to get a proper job,” Wilson-Garza said. “My advice would be for students to understand the importance of internships. I cannot stress enough how internships can help anyone who wants to be competitive in their field.”

Wilson-Garcia also said experience is highly important if students want to get hired by their respective companies.

“The most important aspect on a resume is work experience,” Wilson-Garza said. “Companies are going to look and ask for that experience who had previously. Many companies would expect college graduates to have work experience before being hired on.”

Both Salinas and Wilson-Garza, among other professors and counselors at the Island and other college campuses, recommend revising and editing your resume that not only suits you, but essentially lands you the job of your dreams.

“I advise that students create a strong, solid resume and create a cover letter that highlights your teamwork experience.” Wilson-Garza said.

In addition to helping Islanders create a solid resume and cover letter, Career Services also hosts mock interviews so students can hone to their interview skills. All of these services highlight ways students can not only obtain the internship or job of choice but also show them what it takes to be competitive.

For more information, visit Career Services at the University Center.


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