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Crazy Rich Asians movie review

Warner Bros. movie campaign poster for Crazy Rich Asians. Image courtesy of iMDb.

Rating: 5/5 stars

An outstanding rom-com film that is sure to make any viewer swoon, “Crazy Rich Asians” begins with Rachel Chu and Nick Young head over heels in love and talking about plans of visiting Young’s family’s home in Singapore for a wedding in which Young has been chosen as the best man.
What Chu doesn’t know is that Young originates from a marvelously well-off family, a thing she begins to acknowledge when the couple is introduced to their private suite on the plane. It soon becomes certain that his family and group of friends are far, far wealthier than anything Chu could have envisioned.

Having been raised by a single mother and coming from humble beginnings, Chu’s world is quite different from the world that Young is about to expose her to. In contrast, the Young family had moved to Singapore from China hundreds of years ago and are “old money” rich. Peik Lin, Chu’s roommate, tells Chu that the family soon came to owning most of the real estate on the island. The Young family is composed of extremely prominent individuals such as Eddie, a wealthy business man whose image is everything, movie director Alistair, and Astrid, a philanthropic fashion icon who is married to a so called “commoner.” Their mother, Eleanor, is a classy, family-orientated lady with traditional views and a vision for what she wants her family to look like. Lastly is the grandmother who Nick adored while he was growing up.

Co-stars Constance Wu and Henry Golding from Crazy Rich Asians. Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

When Chu is put into this outrageously wealthy world of socialites where image is everything, she is not sucked into it but rather presents herself with the upmost respect.
Chu is overall poised, respectful and unapologetically her sweet, intelligent self. Despite the allegations of being a gold digger, her relationship with Nick is purely based out of love towards one another.

It’s an awesome setup for a euphoric, eye-popping, emotional scene that deserves its name “The Wedding of the Century.” However, putting aside its steps for onscreen portrayal, this movie additionally prevails as both a festival and unpretentious subversion of the lighthearted comedy. It does what awesome rom-coms do: elevates a rollercoaster of emotions and essentially makes the viewer walk out of the theater in awe. Overall, I rate this movie 5/5 for outstanding story line, accurate representation of emotions and an overall amazing approach to the rom-com genre.



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