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Doing whatever a spider can never looked and played so good

Image courtesy of Insomniac Games

Jonathan Garcia

5/5 Stars 

Imagine web-swinging through the streets of New York City and taking down anything that threatens the big apple. Developers of the hit Playstation series “Ratchet & Clank” aim to deliver that thrill in the Playstation 4 exclusive title “Marvel’s Spider-Man.” With the “Batman: Arkham” series being the only standout superhero game from the crowd, it’s now Spidey’s time to shine. 

 The story of the game sees Peter Parker as a college graduate and shows how he’s adjusted to becoming New York’s protector with the aid of NYPD captain Yuri Watanabe. A gang with mysterious powers known as the “Demons” led by F.E.A.S.T. leader Martin Li , also known as Mister Negative, plans to threaten New York to retrieve a chemical created by Oscorp with the aid of some of Spidey’s deadliest foes. With the help from his ex-girlfriend Mary Jane Watson and Miles Morales, Parker must find a way to save New York from his greatest foes while working as a team.  

Image courtesy of Insomniac games

 Since the movie licensed game “Spider-Man 2” and a few other standout titles, none of Spidey’s games have reached their full potential, but Insomniac doesn’t hesitate to try. The graphics are excellent, letting you clearly see the emotion in the character’s faces, almost making it seem like you’re watching one of the movies. The gameplay is also one to be remembered as it truly feels like you are Spider-Man swinging through New York City. 

 Web swinging is one of the most thrilling moments in the game as you want to go fast and emulate Tobey Maguire in the last minute of the first Spider-Man series. Combat does borrow from the “Batman: Arkham” games but adds a new twist to it. You can use your web gadgets to stick your opponents on the wall, stun them and even throw almost any object at them, including grenades, with your webs.  

In addition to the main story, you can partake in side missions that can help you earn tokens to upgrade your gadgets and abilities. The game also has a photo mode where you can take a selfie as Spidey while adding stickers and comic book backgrounds.  

The story is also hard hitting as it’s not a basic superhero story. You care about each character as you become invested in Peter’s story, making you not want to put the controller down. Although the surprise villain is given away after you hear his name, it is quickly redeemed as you see this person’s descent into becoming the villain, making you understand him a little more.  

If you own a PS4 and you’re looking for a game that is both entertaining and beautiful to look at, consider “Marvel’s Spider-Man.” And if you don’t own a PS4, this is the perfect time to get one this holiday season. With a new game and planned story DLC, people will be more than happy to swing through the city of New York once more.  


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