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#honorthetaco at the 1st annual ¡Que Bueno! Taco Fest

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A festival all about tacos and taco culture is not as surprising as it may sound for many local Corpus Christi natives. The ¡Que Bueno! Taco Fest will be located in Downtown Corpus Christi on Saturday, Sept. 15 from noon­ – 10 p.m.

There will be a variety of activities to take part in ranging from live music and a Chihuahua beauty contest to everything tacos: contests, songs, art, a poetry slam, murals and lots and lots of opportunities to eat.

¡Que Bueno! Taco Fest is a celebration of the Tex-Mex merging of rich flavors and the large presence tacos hold in our community. However, this festival is also a celebration of local art and creatives.

The main goal of this year’s ¡Que Bueno! Taco Fest is to raise funds for The Ritz Theatre located downtown. The Ritz Theatre was built in 1929 and used to be a hub for artists and art enthusiasts in the Coastal Bend. Some legendary artists that performed there include Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, AC/DC and so many more.

Now the theatre is one of the few remaining historic buildings in Corpus Christi and is only able to function as a landmark. Its restoration would be bringing a piece of our history back to life.

Corpus Christi PATCH (Positive Action Towards Cultural Heritage) is a big part of this restorative process as it strives to develop, foster and promote the arts. To learn more about CCPATCH and their mission go to, http://www.ccpatch.org.

The ¡Que Bueno! Taco Fest will be an event that recharges to community and is something you will not want to miss out on. With a $5 admission fee, this taco celebration is affordable and ideal for all college students. For more information, go to, http://www.quebuenotacofest.com.


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