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Islander Volleyball team sweeps Texas Southern University and accepts defeat against University of Miami

Sophomore Jenna Krenek, number 12 and libero for the Islanders Volleyball team, serving against the University of Miami. Photo by Sierra Lutz.

Sierra Lutz & McKeila Rodriguez

The Islander volleyball team played against Texas Southern University on Friday, Sept. 7, at 12 p.m. and then against the University of Miami at 5:30 p.m.

Both games were played with great skill and intensity from all players. The Islanders swept their first game 0–3 but lost their second game with Miami scoring 3–0.

Freshman Sam Dumity, number 14, spiking against the University of Miami. Photo by Sierra Lutz

Both the Islanders and the TSU Tigers were ready to win during game one, forcing themselves to stay a point ahead from each other the entire game. It was not until after a time out called by the Islanders that the first two-point lead of the game was obtained, courtesy of number 15, Jenna Lyons, with a spike, making the score 20–22.

After going back and forth, both teams not letting each other get over a two-point lead, the Lady Islanders overcame a nerve-racking first set by beating the Tigers 20–25.

In the second set, the Islanders found a rhythm that allowed them to have successful defensive and offensive plays. This flow resulted in their biggest lead of the whole game, 8–15, eventually winning the second set 21–25.

The Islander Cheer Team supporting the Volleyball team during a timeout. Photo by Sierra Lutz.

Jenna Krenek, number 14 and libero from Houston, Texas, commented on how well the Islanders did“We felt really calm. We didn’t feel as chaotic as we did in the first set. Just knowing that everyone was doing their job, it was running smoothly. … Our passing was good, our setting was good and we were executing at every position and that’s what kept our lead up.”

Having swept two sets in a row, the Islanders were able to go into set three confidently. Steve Green, the Islanders head volleyball coach, said the focus of the team was on their selves.

“Our focus was more on our team, trying to have a little bit of more intensity and a little bit more excitement when we are playing. I think we’ve been a little bit hesitant to play at our fullest potential, so our goal was to really focus on our quality.”

Their lead during set three was astonishing and showed how hard the ladies have worked so far in the 2018 season. The final score was15–25, leaving the Islanders motivated for their second game against UM.

The Islander Pep Band playing during a timeout, encouraging the crowd to stay energized. Photo by Sierra Lutz.

The Islanders game against UM began with a lot of spirit. The stands filled up with excited fans as the Islander Pep Band chanted through every volley. Brittany Kirschner, a Junior Early Childhood Education major and Dance Team member, commented on the excitement of the crowd.

“I think they are going to do really good because we have so many people coming in, even the band’s here. Everyone’s going to get really hype. I’m very excited!”

The first set started off well with the teams staying within one point of each other until MU pulled ahead to obtain a 22–12 lead. The Islanders continued to play hard but lost the set 22–15.

The second set was a tight match. The Islanders began with a 4-point streak that, once MU caught up, became a point-for-point set. Everyone was on the edge of their seats as a time out was called with the scored tied 24–24. Unfortunately, MU was able to pull ahead 2 points and win the set 26–24.

The University of Miami only needed one more set to win the game, but the Islanders did not go down without a fight. The Islanders were able to stay with MU all the way to a tie at 21–21 when Miami broke away and won the last set 25–23.

“It was good. They both were good teams,” said Aubrey Adams, Junior Early Childhood Education major. “They were all really close (sets).”

Like Adams later said, “Practice makes perfect.” As the Islander Volleyball team approaches their Southland conference games, all the skills they have been working on in practice and these first few games will come to light.

To see the volleyball team’s schedule, visit, http://goislanders.com, or download the A&M-Corpus Christi Islanders app.


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