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Tea Time with Harley

)Slick Woods' look for the 2018 Fall lingerie line for Fenty Beauty, created by talented entrepreneur, Rihanna. Shorty after the show, Woodswater broke, latergiving birth to her son Saphir after 14 hours of labor. This woman is no doubt a warrior. Source:Instagram, @slickwood


Everyone has their opinions, there’s no doubt about that, and sometimes you can’t convince the other person to change their mind. However, when it comes to standards of beauty in women, especially women of color, they are harshly judged and compared to models who are simply walking the runway because of their fame. Did someone say, “Kendall,” or am I hearing things?  

Anyways, we need to talk about a real model this week: Slick Woods. It has always bothered me how much people tend to pick and prod at some features women have, especially if those features are considered unconventional in the standards of beauty such as an asymmetrical face or gap teeth, which I had for a while in middle school because of my braces. In that short amount of time, I felt so insecure with it, but for Woods, she embraces everything about herself. She is clearly doing just fine being best friends with Rihanna and making her money by being one of the most beautiful, unconventional models today. 


1)Slick Woods (born Simone Thompson) is know to be one of the most unconventional models in today’s standards, but her unique features landed her multiple gigs and praised by huge designers such as Marc Jacobs and Jeremy Scott. Source Glamour.com 

Born Simone Thompson, Slick Woods grew up in Minnesota where the dream of becoming a fashion model was extremely slim, especially compared to all the competition there is in the fashion industry. For Woods, it almost seemed impossible to pursue her career until she was discovered at a bus stop in Los Angeles.  

Model Ash Stymest discovered her and after talking with this stranger, Woods was later introduced to Stymest’s friends in the modeling industry at the time. Woods met photographer Dave Mushegain, whose portraits he took of her caught the attention of her future modeling agency, The Lions. Since then, Woods has mostly modeled for Marc Jacobs, been in multiple editorials and recently became one of the more famous faces of Fenty Beauty, a cosmetic and lingerie line created by Barbados Beauty, Robyn Rihanna Fenty. 

Recently, Rihanna showcased her lingerie line, Savage x Fenty, during New York Fashion Week where women of all sizes and shades modeled for her. Then, out comes Slick Woods, wearing heels, black pasties and a strappy black lingerie set, all while 9 months pregnant. 

Shortly after walking for Rihanna, Woods went into labor, later giving birth to her son, Saphir. Imagine being baby Saphir: Your parents are both beautiful models and your mom had you after waking Rihanna’s runway at NYFW. What if Woods makes Rihanna Saphir’s godmother? I’m sure Woods has plenty of family or friends she’s known longer, but come on, I would have a baby just so Rihanna could be the godmother. 

Woods went to Instagram and posted pictures of herself from Rihanna’s runway with the caption: “A lewk, 14 hours of labor, and A king is born. This is the face of a WOMAN IN LABOR. …” Now wait a minute, you mean to tell me Woods was in labor during the fashion show and still managed to maintain her composure while a human was trying to leave her body? WOW. WOMEN. 

There is no doubt Slick Woods is that girl. She is breaking barriers when it comes to standards of beauty and encouraging others to embrace their flaws. So, next time you want to call Slick Woods “ugly” just because she doesn’t fit the standards you have, let me ask you something: Even if she wasn’t a new mother, do you think she’d even want to settle down when she could walk runways for multiple designers, is busy texting Rihanna part time and has her whole life ahead of her because she’s only 22? She doesn’t care what you think. Slick Woods is beautiful and she knows it. 









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