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Tropical Storm Florence continues its rampage

Flooded home. Image courtesy of CBS news.

Kirklan Hinojosa
Web Editor

Nearly one million homes and businesses have been left without electricity, and 12 deaths have been reported so far due to catastrophic flooding caused by Tropical Storm Florence. According to the National Hurricane Center, areas of North Carolina have received 30 inches of rain and flooding of nearly 3.5 feet is expected into next week.

Even as states of emergencies were declared prior the storm making landfall and many volunteers arrived early Friday morning, Tropical Storm Florence continues its devastating path through North and South Carolina. According to an article by CBS news, helicopters are having trouble reaching hard hit areas due to the slow movement of the storm.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper warned residents, “You are risking your life.” Flooding is expected to continue in multiple areas of North Carolina even once the storm has passed. At least 3 of the 12 deaths reported so far were partially due to police having trouble reaching the victims due to the severe flooding.

The National Hurricane Center states that for South Carolina, heavy rain is expected to continue and more inland flooding is possible. An elderly woman died Friday night when her vehicle collided with a tree that had fallen over, marking the first death in South Carolina.

Many organizations have already began offering after relief programs for when the storms have passed. The IRS is giving victims of Tropical Storm Florence a grace period before having to file tax returns, and Google will match up to $1 million in donations made to the red cross.

The storm is expected to continue to have catastrophic flooding as it is projected to move towards the northeast.

You can help contribute to the relief effort by visiting, https://www.charitynavigator.org,to find reliable and safe sites to donate to. Important organizations to consider are the Red Cross, women’s shelters, animal shelters and even the state itself.


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