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Tropical Storm Gordon makes landfall as Hurricane Season begins

Truck driving through flooded streets as Tropical Storm Gordon moves through area. Image courtesy of www.Nytimes.com

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Storm season has just begun as Tropical Storm Gordon made landfall near the Alabama-Mississippi border on Tuesday, Sept. 4, at 10:55 p.m. Nearly a category one hurricane with sustained winds of 70 mph, Tropical Storm Gordon claimed one life when the strong winds caused a tree to fall on a home.

The National Weather service tracked the storm as it formed in the gulf days prior to making landfall. According to an article by the Washington Post, multiple hazard warnings were sent along the coast as rain and winds hit coastal lands.

10,000 power outages have been reported and flooding in parts of Florida and Alabama have reached several inches. Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana declared a state of emergency in preparation for the arriving storm. Schools closed Tuesday as families were urged to stay home and prepare for storm surges and rising waters.

Alabama authorities reported that there was minimal property damage done by the storm, but a child’s life was taken when a tree landed on a mobile home during the storm. After making landfall, the storm lost much of its power but, according to the same article, Mississippi and Arkansas are still expected to see flooding and strong winds.

People like senior Business major Daniel Hernandez are concerned about the potential for another Hurricane Harvey.

“It’s barely the start of hurricane season and we already had a scare,” Hernandez said. “I evacuated last year for Hurricane Harvey, I was getting worried that I might have to do the same thing again.”

Despite Gordon easing off, there are still three potential storms on their way as hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean has not yet reached its peak. According to an article by the Express, two of those storms near the west coast of Africa have been confirmed as tropical storms. With the projected direction these storms are taking, they will soon be named Helena and Isaac.

The U.S. stayed strong through this first storm, but it’s looking like there may be more to come. For updates and ways to prepare for emergencies, visit, http://www.TheNationalWeatherService.com



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