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7 must read novels for October

“The Ousider” is Stephen King’s latest novel. Image courtesy of Amazon.com

Jessie Monsivais
Social Media Editor

October is in full swing and so is the fall season, making it the perfect time to read a book in honor of National Book Month. Here are some books perfect so snuggle up with while drinking a pumpkin spice latte. Some of the authors are handpicked for their exploration of chilling topics of horror and fantasy, while others provide a variety of daunting experiences with heartbreak, politics and finding your identity. 


“The Outsider” is Stephen King’s most recently published work. A story following an investigation on an 11-year-old boy’s corpse found in a town park, horrifying answers emerge unfolding a propulsive tale with high tension and unbearable suspense.  


Playing into the spooks and frights, Nicola Lagioia’s, “Ferocity,” is Italy’s Strega Prize winner. Translated from Italian, this mystery drama unfolds the story of a young woman named Clara Salvemini and her dark path of familial and societal corruption. Europa Books describes it opening with a, “Lyrical description of a ‘fleet of moths’ circling on a moonlit night.” 


In “From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World to Find the Good Death” Mortician Caitlin Doughty studies various cultures’ death rituals. She shares fascinating details of the assortment of practices from around the world.  

Mexican American Literature 

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, this pick is an entertaining and heartfelt embodiment of Mexican culture:  

“I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter” by Ericka L. Sanchez is a National Book Award Finalist and an instant New York Times Bestseller. The story is about Julia, the imperfect Mexican daughter, who is left to pick up the shattered pieces of her family after the loss of her sister Olga, who was the perfect Mexican daughter. It’s not long before Julia learns that Olga might not have been as perfect as she once thought. With the help of her best friend and first-time boyfriend, Julia is determined to find out.  


For poetry fans, “The Sun and Her Flowers” by Rupi Kaur is the anticipated follow-up to “Milk and Honey.” Rupi Kaur grabs our attention once again with her profound and universal messages of love and acceptance.  

Graphic Novel 

For a beautiful, heartbreaking, and ultimately uplifting read, “Lighter Than My Shadow” by Katie Green is a hand-drawn story of struggle and recovery. “Lighter Than My Shadow” is a compelling graphic memoir that highlights the scourge of eating disorders through the life of Green, a child with picky eating habits that develop into something far more sinister. Upon being told she has two weeks to live, Green takes us on a trip into an eating disorder, exposure to those who find themselves weak and an inspiration to anyone who believes in the power to endure towards happiness. 


“Chemistry” by Weike Wang is about a woman three years into her Chemistry graduate studies at a demanding Boston University. She struggles with her unsuccessful research and is reminded of her shortcomings by her peers, advisor and especially her parents who expect nothing short of excellence. This novel juxtaposes the anxieties of finding one’s identity in the world and sacrifices made for work and relationships. 




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