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Congressional candidate: Eric Holguin

Photo courtesy of Arianana Aloia/Island waves  Eric Holguin is the Democratic nominee for the 27th Congressional District, which includes Corpus Christi. 

Miguel Gutierrez

The Democratic Congressional candidate for the 27th district of Texas this election cycle is Eric Holguin.  Holguin faces Incumbent Michael Cloud, who won a special election to replace Blake Farenthold (R) after he resigned from office. Libertarian Daneil Tinus and Independent James Duerr are also on the ballot (Island Waves featured Duerr in the Sep. 20 election.  See Cloud’s profile below, and Tinus’ profile on page 5.) 

According to an interview with Island Waves, Holguin was born in Corpus Christi and lived in Odem, Falfurrias and the Rio Grande Valley before moving back to Corpus Christi to attend Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. After he graduated in 2009, Holguin stayed in Corpus Christi for a year while he struggled to find employment. He then moved to New York City in 2010 to work as a talent agent. After deciding he wanted to do something more fulfilling, he began working for Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.  

After the 2016 elections, Holguin decided to return to Corpus Christi to run for Congress. He reflected on former President Obama’s speech, “If want things changed, do it yourself. Don’t count on anyone to do it for you.” 

Holguin said it is time to get younger representation in Congress. 

“The average age in Congress has risen to 65 years-old in 2016,” said Holguin, “and so we’re seeing the people making the decisions for us don’t represent us at all.” 

Holguin’s foremost issue is investing in local infrastructure. 

“Whenever I graduated college from here,” said Holguin, “I couldn’t find a job, and it’s because our district is not set up for new businesses and new markets to want to come in and create some of these jobs that college graduates seek.” Holguin believes the solution is to invest in local projects such as updating pipelines, updating the electric grid and anything else that could make Corpus Christi more attractive to businesses.  

Another important issue Holguin seeks to address is healthcare. “As college students, we really don’t think about healthcare,” said Holguin, “but to me, I think everyone should be able to have health insurance.” Holguin suggested expanding Medicare in order to provide people who can’t afford insurance another option for quality healthcare.  

Education is also very important to Holguin. “Only 18% of the people living in our district hold a college degree,” said Holguin, “and only 87% of the people have a high school degree.” He plans to invest more into the public education system, including making sure public schools are well funded and teachers receive pay raises.  

Holguin seeks to reform the way property tax dollars are distributed to public schools across the district.  

“I substitute teach sometimes,” said Holguin, “and two different parts of towns are very different. One has new materials and the other has what looks like hand me downs. … In theory, it makes sense for people to want to keep their tax dollars local, but for me, it’s about equity and equality.” Holguin supports DREAMers and believes that undocumented immigrants who came over when they were minors should be naturalized. 

“When I worked for the Congresswoman,” said Holguin, “I had a lot of immigration cases, and so what I found was the immigration process is very complicated, very expensive and very lengthy. You have people who are waiting 10, 15 and 20 years to do it the right way, is what we keep hearing. It’s just not feasible.” 

Holguin addressed some concerns pertaining to immigration. 

“Immigrants pay taxes into the United States,” said Holguin. “Social Security, Medicare, whatever we pay, they pay the same thing. The difference is that they are not allowed to get any sort of federal benefits. They don’t get Social Security, they don’t get Medicare or Medicaid. The only thing undocumented immigrants are allowed to get is a public-school education. “In terms of our border, I don’t support a border wall. We could be putting that money into our public  

education system.” Keep an eye out on our website, http://www.islandwavesnew.com, as we continue to report on candidates and election news. 




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