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Congressional candidate: Michael Cloud

Photo courtesy of cloud.house.gov/Michael cloud. Michael Cloud is the Republican congressional cadidate in District 27.

Matthew Tamez

After defeating a crowded field in the special election to replace former Congressman Blake Farenthold, Michael Cloud is the incumbent Congressman in District 27.  

Farenthold resigned after a sexual harrassment scandal. Cloud won the special election against Democrat Eric Holguin 55% to 32%. 

Cloud was unavailable to interview with Island Waves, so his statements are drawn from The League of Women Voters Voters Guide.  

During his short time as representative, he points to his efforts with hurricane recovery, support of legislation to fund the Armed Forces, and repeal Obamacare taxes as his major accomplishments in office. 

When asked by the League of Women Voters what his number one concern is, Cloud said, “The top concern is that Washington is broken. We need leaders who will stand firm against the DC culture of corruption.” 

Cloud has since met with residents and local officials to find solutions to the challenges our district faces.  

“I cosponsored a congressional term limits bill,” said Could, “an important safeguard against corruption. I did not go to Congress just to vote the right way, but to be the proactive leader our district deserves.” 

According to the voter’s guide that the League of Women Voters created, Cloud has said that “Obamacare has not only increased healthcare costs but has also restricted our freedom to choose our healthcare options. Premiums are so expensive that people can’t afford to use the health care they paid for because deductibles are too high.”  

On top of that, Cloud is looking to limit lawsuit abuse and prevent Medicare fraud. “Restoring free market principles,” said Cloud, “will increase access to affordable, quality care.” 

When asked by the LWV how he will work to address issues such as healthcare, immigration and gun safety, Cloud said “I will work across the aisle with anyone willing to pursue beneficial, constitutional solutions.  

“Too many on the left have abandoned constitutional concerns and have adopted unworkable approaches that wouldmake these challenges worse, not better. But I will work for the common sense, constitutional solutions to our nation’s challenges along with anyone who shares these priorities.”With the water boils in our district, clean and affordable water is a  pressing concern.  

“Water is a huge concern in our district,” said Cloud to LWV, “and the state and local governments have work to do to endure that our households, agriculture and industry have the safe, clean, affordable water resources we need. I will not attempt to force federal, top-down approaches on what is primarily a state and local issue, but I will work to ensure our communities receive their share of federal funding.” 

Cloud’s top three priorities for rural development initiatives in our district and what he will do to support them according to the LWV is, “Completing the Farm Bill and creating trade policies that open up greater access for the U.S. agriculture overseas will ensure that our farmers and ranchers can continue meeting our food supply needs. Rural broadband initiatives aimed at speeding access are important for opening opportunities for small business and education. 

“We should free our schools from federal mandates, as parents, teachers and local school boards, not Washington, know what is best for local schools.” 

Early voting in the mid-term election begins on Oct. 22. 




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